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Novak Djokovic deserves to replace me as world No 1

Hello everybody,
My first words go to Andy Murray, he is a very talented player, a really good one, best of best and yesterday during the first set he proved it once again. What a first set, there was no way I could keep up with his shots! I always say it but it will be sooner than later that he will win a Grand Slam. And I also think that even if he hasn't won a major yet, he is much better than some players that have won one!

And my next thing is to thank the crowds! Once again they proved how respectful, fair and knowledgeable are. These are arguably the best crowd in the World since they have always been very supportive with their local player but also with the rival. Every time I've played here they have been like this! Really feel good here!

And to finalize, wanted to congratulate Novak for being number one. He has been the best player so far this year and deserves to be the ATP World number 1.

As you can imagine I am very happy for being again on the final of Wimbledon. If anyone would have told me when I was 15, or 16 or 19 years old that I would have played 5 finals at Wimbledon I would have not believed it. But I am very fortunate and tomorrow I will be playing my fifth final here. Very excited and looking forward to that. I am sure it will be difficult for me to sleep well tonight...

Ask Rafa: I'm thinking about joining Twitter, but I won't tell you when yet!

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Hello Rafa! Next year when you come back to Wimbledon for Olympic Games, will you be staying at the Olympic village with all other sportsmen or at the apartment same as during the regular tournament? Best wishes from all your fans in Bangladesh. Upoma & Paroma, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Yes, I am really looking forward to coming back here next year twice at least. The Olympics is something special. I will be staying during Wimbledon at the house I rent, but during the games at the Olympic village with all the athletes. I loved that atmosphere and would like to live it again!

Why do you call Maymo "Tin Tin"? Is it because he looks like the Belgian detective cartoon? Atch
Hahahahahah. We started like that one day and now we all call him like that. He didn't like it much at the beginning, but now it's OK.

Hi Rafa. Which of your Nike kits in recent years would you say is your favourite? Mine was the one you wore at Roland Garros when you won last year. Great colours and design. Nicole
I actually love all their designs. I love the fact that they always have live colors, except here the white of Wimbledon, which I also think is special and like it.

There is a lot of talk on Twitter that you will be joining after Wimbledon, is this true? And if you are, can you tell us when exactly? Looking forward to your tweets! Sofie from NYC
Yes, I am thinking about it. Not sure if it will be right after Wimbledon or when we go to Montreal.

Wimbledon is the only tournament where the winner is not taken to some famous city sight to be photographed with the trophy the next day, as is the practice in New York, Paris and Melbourne. If you could choose a famous sight in London to go to for an official photograph, where would it be and why? Julie (Woofs)
True. I suppose that the picture at that gorgeous stadium is strong enough for them. Maybe the first one would be in front of the Big Ben I suppose. Will have to ask Benito Perez-Barbadillo, my publicist.

What's your second favourite European country (Spain being the first, I assume)? Have you ever been to Hungary? Edina
I have never ben to Hungary, but I hear it is beautiful, especially the capital, Budapest. I love many things of many countries, especially cities like Paris, Rome, London and many others.

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