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Taking a well earned rest after sadness of defeat

Good morning everyone and first of all thanks for all your support these past weeks.

I am already in Mallorca, back home. Now will be taking some time off, some holidays since I have practically been playing since the Davis Cup tie against Belgium, and that was back at the end of February!

I will be 2 weeks completely off, with my friends, enjoying the summer here in Mallorca.

I am obviously sad for Sunday's result but that's life. Sometimes you win and in tennis most of the times you lose. Novak was a better player that day and he is the winner.

Once again thanks, you can follow me on my Facebook page here.

Ask Rafa: Liam Broady could be a future star

Why do you let your opponents serve first at the beginning of a match ? Don't you think it's really risky and it will be more secure to serve first ? Emmanuelle
I always did it like that since I start with a very high intensity of my game and if I break I have a big advantage. If not, things are the same and I have to win my serve on the 2nd game.

Has there been any occasion when you tried playing as a righty? Jacklyn
No, never. I don't think I could even beat my uncle Toni!

How will you motivate yourself after the disappointment of losing today? Angie
Kind if easy this one: Holidays in Mallorca with my friends!

Was your injury to blame or was Novak Djokovic just too good? Denise

Novak was just too good for me on Sunday. I have to keep working and improve things.

Djokovic seemed to target your backhand - was that crucial in him defeating you? Alex

I don't think it is only a backhand or playing to my backhand. I think at the important moments he played better than me, forehand, backhand or service.

You seemed very upset at losing today. Has it made you more determined to win back your title next year? David
One thing is for sure, I'll try my best to be back!

What did you think of Liam Broady when he practiced with you. Could he be as good as Andy Murray in the future? Sam
IT is difficult he say but he definitely has the tools!

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