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Ask Rafa: a British player is helping me prepare for the final

Hi everyone,

I had a quite day at Wimbledon on Saturday. Practiced with the British junior I have been practicing with almost all week this week. I want to thank him (Evan Hoyt) for these days (today he is also warming me up before the match) and his coach for helping me.

I had some time with my team and my family and didn't do much. Stayed at the house focusing on today's match. Some talks with my team, with my family, some funny discussions about things that happened these past weeks.

I won't be able to write the final post after the match but I promise that Monday morning you will have the final recap. Thanks all for your support this weeks! It's been great no matter what happens today!


Congratulations for the win against Murray.  Care to share with us your routine on the eve of finals? Do you do anything to de-stress? Jacklyn
Many thanks. I am doing the normal things I would do a day before a match. Had some dinner with my family and team here at Wimbledon. THen had some physio treatment as every night and now going to bed. It is half past midnight as I write this.

Looking at your game against Murray, which aspect of it you are least satisfied and need to improve when you play in the final? Sharon Lam
I think I played very well all the match. Andy played better than me the first set but I didn't play bad. He was simply better.

At the Champions ball do the two winners still have to have the first dance together? Judith Forde
Yes, we had that honour although immediately we are surrounded by people and that leaves us free....

In yesterday's match against Murray, you let go of what I personally thought were two very crucial challenges. I wonder if it was because you didn't really notice (which seems improbable to me), or was it for some other reason? Mohona
I maybe made a mistake and thought hey were good. Not a problem.

Has there been any occasion when you tried playing tennis with your right hand? Sarah
Not when I am playing seriously or even practicing. Only when I play against someone who doesn't play well, like a friend who is not a tennis player.

I know that you have an iPad. Have you played the game 'Angry Birds' before? If you did, do you like the game? Jacklyn
Yes I do. Banesto, my bank sponsor gave it to me. I don't usually play games in the iPad.

I once read that you said it was a mistake to have bought your Aston Martin car....why was it a mistake?  Niamh
I had some problems with it.

Petra Kvitova just won the women's title. She's a lefty like you and she's very young, what do you think of her? Also, who are your favourite female players and why? Tom
I didn't have the chance to see the final to be honest since I was doing some TV interviews and then had lunch with my team and my family.


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