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Ask Rafa: I'm expecting another great match against Andy - he's got it all

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Hello everyone. We are back at Wimbledon semis against a great player. I have always said that Andy is one of the best and here you go he is again at a Grand Slam semi-final. We have always played great matches and I am sure this will not be an exception.

I have had a lot of questions about the crowds and I have to say that I have always seen this crowd like the most respectful of all with all opponents.

Thanks to all


When you are practicing with junior players during a tournament, what advice do they ask from you? Is it about how to handle themselves on court and off the court? Or on specific techniques? Or something else? Atch

It all depends on the player. Some are more keen in asking questions about matches and technical things but most of them they just hit and we talk about our lives. It is normally the coaches the ones that ask more.

With regards to the anaesthetic on your foot, was it a team decision or your decision? I hope this works out well for you Rafa. Jackly
We work as a team but in the end it is my decision based on the advices and opinions of the team.

What did you think about the Federer-Tsonga match? Harry
I didn't see it all since I had to play. It did surprise me that Roger lost since he was playing great, probably the best tennis of all at this tournament and he was two sets up.

Tell us about Andy Murray’s strengths? Does it include the crowd? Wan Li

I am sure the crowd will be as supportive with him as always but as respectful as always with the opponent. I really think they are very fair here. And regarding his strengths, he's got it all. He is a very talented player.

Do you think that your injury gives Andy Murray extra confidence? Fez
I don't think so.

There is something that has been bugging me - who is the man with the cowboy hat that sits on the end of your players box?  I also noticed him sitting in the exact same place when you won that fantastic final against Federer in 2008. Debbie

Hahahhaaha. He is the gentleman that accommodates guests at both players box. He's been there for years and actually lives in Abu dhabi.

Whilst watching your game against Fish, I noticed you were standing quite far at the back of the court when receiving serve,which you hadn't done during the previous matches. What aspects of Fish's game made you do that?  In what way does that enhance your game? Sharon

He is a great server and had only lost one service game before our match. So it was a dangerous match and as a matter of fact you saw the last 2 sets.

How difficult is it for you to eat enough of the correct foods before a match to keep you going if you do not know exactly what time you will be going on court? Do you ever feel hungry when playing a long match? Karen
We are used to it and not that I don't eat well or things i don't like. I tend to eat 2 hours before the match normally. I also eat some bananas or things like that during a match.

What tactics will you use to beat Andy Murray? Jenny
Play. Try to play! He is very good!

How much is your foot hampering you? If it is dead than it must impact on your game surely? Greg C
We'll see tomorrow.

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