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It was great finally to meet Rory McIlroy

Lot of things to say tonight but on a personal level the most important thing is what I posted on my facebook today announcing that the MRI went well, negative result on an injury.

I resumed practiced at 4.30 but in the end it turned out to be one hour later than announced since I got changed courts a couple of times.

Most importantly to me, on a personal level was the visit from Rory McIlroy today who came to the locker room and we had the chance to talk long about his win, golf, tennis and some other things.

What a great guy he is and I am very happy for him to have won his first major tournament. Big thanks to him for coming!

Against Fish I don't expect the points to be long anyway


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When you hurt your foot against Del Potro, did it enter your mind that you might have to retire? Colin
I didn't know what was going on since it was a new pain and in a new spot so I was really afraid that would be the case. Fortunately things got better after and I managed to finish the match, got an MRI and check I was OK.

How did your meeting with Rory McIlroy go?  Jenny
GREAT! I love the guy. He came to the locker room and we talked. I have posted a picture on my facebook (http://www.facebook.com/Nadal). Wanted to thank the Championships for allowing me to post it.

Do you look at the serve speed clock after the point is over during your service games?  How about when your opponent is serving? Maya
Sometimes I do but I normally know the speed, especially mine!
How much will your injury and the four sets against Del Potro impact on you in terms of fatigue against Mardy Fish (above)? Judith
We'll see tomorrow. Hard to know today. Hopefully I will be fine. Besides, Mardy is a great server and I am sure the points will not be that long.
You said you were struggling on your forehand against Del Potro because of your heel injury. Have you not just given Mardy Fish a strategy?
I don't think so since his game is very different.

You were serving very well in your match against Del Potro.  In what ways is your grip different and how does it help you to serve better, as in US Open last year? Sharon
I did as a matter of fact and I was very happy too with that part of my game. Not a grip thing this time though.

Why did you look so hurt last night? Are you really totally healthy? We're so worried about it. Yichin, Taiwan.
Thanks for this. It was really painful when I had to stop to get treatment. Got better with time.

Yesterday, a Dutch newspaper had an article on the lessons your uncle Toni taught you regarding being a professional tennis player. Which of Toni's lessons do you consider the most valuable for you? Myra
I think it is not only one lesson that makes you one way or the other. It is the whole thing and that has been a good thing.

Do you play or have you tried other racket sports like squash or badminton? Atch
Not much to be honest with you.

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