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Rafa Nadal Q&A, May 27
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Q: Rafa, I think I found a weakness in Nole that you can exploit. The between the legs shot. You got him with one in Madrid and remember Roger got him with one at the US Open one time. So next time play him with your back turned and hit every shot between your legs. All the best!! (Phil C, London)
RN: Hahaha. This is a good one. I'll try more but remember this is a risky shot !!!!!
Q: Hi Rafa, i just want to know if you wear a new pair of shoes for every match during tournaments? Thanks and take care. (Beth)
RN: No I don't. I normally use them for 3/4 matches until they wear out. That also have to include the practices of those days. At hard courts I normally use more though.
Q: Can you tell us why you are very particular with your water bottle? (Marie, Toronto)
RN: Hahahahhaha. It is a habit and routine I have. Nothing important. If the fall nothing would change! Just a matter of doing the same thing.
Q: Hi Rafa, my family and I have been your fans for ages. A question about the serve. We think that you "think" too much before serving. This is why you are slower and slower, getting time-violation warnings, and miss several first balls especially when you would need to hit winners or effective first balls, in crucial moments of the matches. But on the other hand we noticed that when you speed up your routine and play more with your guts and instinct you serve better and your whole game benefits from it. What's your opinion on that? (Pat, Genoa)
RN: No, I don't think so but I am sure that you observing have noticed other things...
Q: Greetings Rafa and best of luck to you at Roland Garros. You've given so many interviews and answered so many questions over your career. We've even seen this video on YouTube of you doing an interview when you were 12. Do you remember when and where you did your first interview?
RN: Yes, I did an interview with the local TV. I was around 10 I think.
Q: Hi Rafa, I noticed you don't use drop shots a lot, it might save your legs, especially when your opponent is on the other side, what do you think? (Celia)
RN: Yes and no. It depends on the surface, the conditions, the balls and also and most important on how I'm feeling that day.
Q: How do you stop your mind working overtime when you are trying to sleep? Both before and after a match. (Barrie)
RN: I simply watch a movie or something like this. I am pretty good at sleeping well, not much but well.
Q: Do you ever consider getting someone - like a big player from the past (John Mcenroe, etc) to help you bring a little change to your game or get some variation in your service game? (Nakkie Symms, Pretoria, South Africa)
RN: No, not really. I have been doing well with my team, Toni and Francis.

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