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Rafaole Bromance Over?


If you don't know & haven't heard Rafa's long time PR agent Benito P-Barbadillo has split with Novak Djokovic after the Madrid Final loss. Benito was sitting in Rafa's box at the day of the final & now this quote from Rafa. Seems to me that "Rafaole" Bromance is over! It's looking more & more to me that Rafa might have requested or caused the Benito & Djokovic split.

For Rafa to think it was disrespectful then I agree with him, After watching this VIDEO of Djokovic & his TEAM on cars acting like fools singing, dancing twirling their shirts & yelling. I have to agree with Rafa, what kind of friend behaves that way? This is very 'in your face' and inappropriate. What kind of a coach behaves that way, grinding on a car? woah very professional indeed!

For all those Rafa fans who like Djokovic, answer me this? If Djokovic really was Rafa's friend, Is that how you treat someone you respect & claim a friend? This mind you was in Madrid, Rafa's turf so to speak..

Regardless I hope it puts a fire in his belly for some pay back!

Serb press celebrates Djokovic's win over Nadal

"The King Nole," read the sports Sportski Zurnal daily frontpage headline below a large photo of Djokovic brandishing his Madrid trophy.
"The King has fallen. Long live Nole who outclassed Nadal in his backyard in Madrid. Nadal is still world number one, but there is no doubt that Djokovic is the best player at the moment."

In an article I posted this morning an interview Rafa gave to Marca he was quoted saying this:

By the way, have you seen how Djokovic held his triumph in Madrid? What do you think?

Everyone wants to celebrate their victories and it considers most appropriate. I have won titles such as Madrid or more important and never occurred to me to celebrate that. I do not like the player who lost the final to see me doing that, although he obviously cared less.

Footage of some of the celebration:

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