Rafa: I am happier winning tournaments


Rafa Nadal: "I am happier than winning a tournament to be number 1"

He has won two titles this season (Monte Carlo, Barcelona), for a total of 45 under his belt • In Roland Garros could match the six titles Björn Borg · debuts today in Rome with Paolo Lorenzi

Rafael Nadal speaks so clearly inside and outside the track. He knows that despite signing a good start to the season is being overshadowed by the phenomenon of a Djokovic can snatch the number 1 in the world. However, he follows the path of progress, fighting and winning tournaments excited about continuing entity for long. This was made clear on Wednesday in the tune of radiolabeled ...

Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Rome, Roland Garros, the calendar on clay not to ...
It's a tough time because from almost the Davis Cup in Belgium and pending Wimbledon tournaments have played almost every week and also for me is the most important part of the year.

Until now has two titles (Monte Carlo, Barcelona) and three finals (Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid). What is your assessment?
It is true that I had no luck earlier this season because I had a virus in Doha and in Australia, when I had recovered, I had a small tear in the leg, but in tournaments I've been physically well I've come to the final rounds , playing five finals, winning two and losing three. What happens is that there is another player who is doing spectacular ...

Lost all three finals he did against Djokovic. Did you expect at the beginning of the season's phenomenon Djokovic '?
Is a very sweet and confident. The three finals I lost against him have not been at my best level: In Indian Wells I was fine the first set but then I came down, in Miami was close to winning but not playing at 100% and in Madrid also played as it should this type of games. Maybe I need a tad more in this type of games.

After six years, enjoying the rival Nadal-Federer, do you think Djokovic was born with a new rivalry?
I do not believe in rivalries. I have played many important matches against Federer and Djokovic have played some important, but too early to say that there is great rivalry between us because there are many good players on the circuit and this depends on the timing and fitness. Djokovic has played very well in these first months of the year and I've been I've been closer to him, but the season will be long and see how it goes.

By the way, have you seen how Djokovic held his triumph in Madrid? What do you think?
Everyone wants to celebrate their victories and it considers most appropriate. I do not like the player who lost the final to see me doing that, although he obviously cared less.

At a time when Madrid became the player with the best winning percentage in history. Do you care about this type of statistics to the players?
The statistics are there to look at and be proud that more than a few others, but to me what really worries me is to play well every day, train your best and have the attitude necessary for further improvement. Statistics and records and will be when we finish the race.

The record is about is six to equal Bjorn Borg at Roland Garros ...
Borg won six and I still took five. I face the tournament with the same motivation that took eight or Borg if I were to by the second because it is the world's biggest tournament on earth and is very special to me. My purpose is to get to Paris very well prepared and play to the level necessary to try to win.

A player of his level, what motivates him most: being number 1 in the world tournament or win the Masters class as 1,000 or Grand Slam?
The satisfaction of winning something always been greater than to be number 1 because I think this is a consequence of the former. I am happier when I win a tournament when I wake up and see that I'm number 1. No color.

There are still tournaments ahead, but what is seen in Davis Cup play in July in the U.S.?
The Davis Cup is always a special competition, but the timing and manner in which the competition is focused not help that players like me playing a lot of games during the season, may be in all rounds. In my case I have to play very important tournaments in the coming weeks and still do not think about the next round of Davis Cup.

Radiolabelling this year celebrates its tenth anniversary. We hope that in the next ten years continue enjoying his tennis and his achievements.
I think not last as long, but I'll take care to be active as long as possible. Congratulations to the radio.


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