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Rafa Nadal, Pau Gasol new NIKE campaign


Rafa and Pau Gasol will be the models for Nike Sportswear's "Shine, light up your country" campaign.

Nadal shines the image of Spanish sport

In the ad, reviewed the three main characters one by one all the achievements of our sport in this year closes the first decade of XXI century.Some of them even had lost the reputation they deserve.

As Iniesta himself says at the end of the video, the motto is clear: "Work and be strong. With humility and respect. Fight against the darkness. I know the light that says we've lost. Brilla. Illuminate your country."

Closing the message "work and strive" made it clear that this is the only way to succeed and move forward successfully as they have these great Spanish sportsmen. Nike continues to support his manifesto: "Shine, shine your country" reflected in the exclusive t-shirt collection 'Shine'.

The objective of the brand is clear: to spread the message and spread it to people fighting spirit of the athletes. This will remain the hallmark of hits and that makes us leading up to the next Olympics in 2012.

The proposal has two exceptional models: Pau Gasol and Rafael Nadal , absolute stars Shine, and proudly display the iconic T-shirt. The special collection of t-shirts, male and female versions, will be released on April 15.Eurosport

source: eurosport/es

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