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Press Conference in Mallorca


Nadal: "If Djokovic gets to be number one is because he deserves"

The Spaniard tennis player Rafael Nadal, back to Mallorca, today provided a news conference in the town of Son Servera where he has analyzed the latest developments in the American tour, as well as talk about the values ​​of society and what really matters in life.

And is that the act was framed in a conference to be held tomorrow at the Theatre Trui Palma de Mallorca, Rafa is the honorary president, and that will also include the presence of Nando Parrado, Toni Nadal, Pablo Pineda Pedro Garcia Aguado. A meeting being held in major cities, aimed at young university, where four players have the experiences that have made them reflect on what really matters to them in life.

Thus, Rafa Nadal opened his speech at the press conference explaining that "what really matters to me is to value what you have. Health is what really matters, friends, family and people who supported you. I have been successful in my career but what really matters are loa who have sent me here. "

Nadal also used to talk about their American tour, "I guess that Djokovic will be number one in the future. To this day I do not even depend on me. And I think that if it is because he deserves it and because it will have done the right things to be. Spent many years, he deserves to experience. He is now in an excellent position to achieve and I think it will. And I have done a superb American season. He scored more points than ever in these two tournaments of the tour. The beginning of the year was unfortunate and now the four most important months, have started better than ever.My feeling tennis is far superior. I played very well, perhaps not so well the final. I've been ready to win on his favorite surface. Although it now reaches the earth, if I'm not at my best level, I will not win. In Miami I managed to beat Federer and Berdych and stayed within two points of winning. Maybe I could not keep the intensity throughout the match and got a little more nervous than usual but I've done something important. "

Also Rafa reiterated that "I will try to remain number one and if not recover, or not, who knows. The direct target is not the number one but to be competitive in every tournament. Then, if all goes well I will have my options. The truth is that I am happier now as number one in the four previous years when I was number two. I'm happy when I'm with capacity to go to a tournament and play well ... and win. "

She also appreciated the future: "I do not like to talk about Paris before talking about the rest. Monte Carlo is most important now. Everything else will have options in Paris, "he said.

Rafa Nadal also referred to the youth and doping: “For years I’ve been hearing that the youth lack values. Everything is within easy reach of everybody and this makes everything less valuable. Sometimes it’s true that we’re losing the perspective of reality and what is the value of things, but times differ.”

And on doping, is cautious: "I hate to comment on something I do not know enough.We must analyze each case and each situation on how it is produced. I have the belief that the athlete is healthy, can not be otherwise. The greatness of the sport is not winning the other, but to win over yourself. Doping are sporadic cases that can not hurt the sport. To those who hurt us is us because we have to endure a disproportionate and unjust persecution. I have to pass doping controls about 20 per year. Clearly, credibility is 100% because if someone is cheating is impossible to hide it, "he said.
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Rafel Nadal torna del Masters 1000 de Miami by RTVMallorca

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