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While we wait for the pre-event press conference to be posted I found some snippets of it on the we love tennis French site. Please check back to this post I will update it accordingly with more photos when they become available.

Rafael Nadal : Djokovic hasn’t change
By Jérémy Alen, Monday 11 April 2011

In a press conference, Rafael Nadal has given his impressions before starting his attempt to win for the 7th consecutive time on the clay of Monaco.

His shape:
It’s always complicated to go back to clay. It’s always difficult to get the feeling back. Each season brings its own challenges. It’s by playing matches that you find out where you’re at. Competition is still the key ingredient. To find my sensations again quickly, I will need to train a lot this week.

The start of the season:
It’s been a great start of the season. I reached the final twice and I could have won. It was a matter of two points. So, I arrive here with confidence, even if I would have loved winning Miami in particular. I am a bit nervous and I’d like to say that you have to wait for the first match, then the second, then the next one.

On the metamorphosis of Djokovic:
Djokovic was always a great player and so, it hasn’t surprised me, really. Other than that, I don’t think that you can assume that Novak has changed a lot of things. It’s impossible in that small space of time: after all, he only had a month (in December) to train (laughter). I think he defends better and above all, he’s more aggressive. You can’t ignore the mental aspect either. By stringing the victories together, it’s clear that he’s in a very positive frame of mind (…). His absence here doesn’t affect me. I never look at that. I will repeat it : you have to focus on your own game before paying attention to what the others are doing.

On the # 1:
Each year, it’s always the same topic that surfaces. It’s basically always the same story. Before the tournaments have even started, people can’t help but making predictions. Of course, Roger and Novak could become number one! That’s part of the sport but it does not change my goals. What matters in my eyes is the spot you occupy at the end of the season. That’s symbolic because it represents your work of the entire year.

Practice Photos

Pre Tournament Video

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