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Below is a google translated article it's way too long for me to translate completely but roughly, it says Rafa Nadal's grandfather is a musician, & he has brought the opera of Brundibar to Mallorca, he also wanted it to be sung by children,

Grandfather Nadal said that he saw this piece on tv in a version performed by the Parisian opera house and this gave him the idea to show it to a Mallorcan public. He first let it translate into Spanish after which he translated it into Catalan himself.

Maestro Rafael Nadal arrived at the premiere on time. “Today is a very special day”, confessed the conductor, who praised the work of the kids from the Choir Sant Josep Obrer – Vermells de la Seu: “They’re exemplary and did a great job working against the clock” managing to show the premiere of ‘Brundibar’ yesterday, the only gap in the agenda of the tennis player, who is now in the midst of his season.

The whole Nadal family gathered around their most popular “Rafaels”. The tennis player was “very happy” for his grandfather “because it was one of the projects he wanted to do. I know it will be an interesting piece for the kids”, he commented upon entering the theatre, where he got a big ovation.
I guess that is where Rafa gets his love for the opera ;)


Two years ago Rafael Nadal, the grandfather, grandson, followed by television opera starring children. Suddenly, memory reviewed sixty years in music. On his resume was missing a child labor as one that relayed from the Paris Opera. Was Brundibar . Since then, followed by a mad rush to fulfill the dream of bringing the assembly to Mallorca. A dream came true yesterday on the boards of Trui Theatre and was able to celebrate in the company of his family, including tennis player Rafael Nadal.
Jordi Avellà
Jordi Avellà
Tennis player Rafa Nadal with President of the Government
At 82 says he has devoted his life, almost equal parts music and his family. Those who know him always remember him as a musician, "and very good", which came to lead the band of his native Manacor .Then made ​​and that had begun decades in office. He made ​​his first steps when he was a child. His Wimbledon came in 1983 when the director of the Teatre Principal, Serafí Guiscafre, commissioned the creation of a new choir. Then still was not any player's grandfather.
Last night, Rafael Nadal returned to work as a bandleader. This time, on stage, the culmination of a very special project. Removed the thorn that was missing in his career. For two years chasing the dream of bringing Palma's adaptation of Brundibar, the Czech children's opera of Hans Krasa. "I'd label of fairy tale musical, opera seems excessive to me, has another dimension," he added Friday on his arrival at Trui Teatre.
The culprit had a television broadcasting the Paris Opera. "In my 60 years dedicated to the music there was no child labor," he recalled. And there on the TV screen, marveled at the freedom that song played by children.Brundibar Krasa composed in 1938 and the children of the Nazi concentration camp who was deported to Terezin, the performed several times before it was transferred to Auschwitz, where he died. "His dramatic history and background supportive touched me," he said.
As if it were a Hollywood premiere, a photocall yesterday presided over the entrance of the Teatre Trui. A handful of familiar faces passed by him before all the flashes were re-capture the arrival of Rafa Nadal Tennis, grandson of the musician . "I am very pleased that they made ​​a cultural project like this. It is a very interesting for children and grandfather to make it flattered him," said the athlete upon arrival. After posing a few seconds alone, he looked for the star of the night for instant sharing.
"The children's work has been exemplary as well have had to learn the texts to trial," said Rafael Nadal grandfather. The musician confessed thatthe sponsors had "imposed" the premiere of Brundibar to yesterday, because it was the only date on which the player could confirm your attendance . "That has forced us to double the effort," added the director. The athlete, who was crowned in the Barcelona Open in Barcelona and Monte Carlo Open in the last two weeks, said that although he had been complicated because of agenda, wanted to come to Palma to show their support.
J. Avellà
J. Avellà
The girlfriend of tennis player, Xisco Perello, also attended the event.
"It's an illusion to bring the whole family on an occasion like this," he claimed also the mother of tennis , Ana Maria Parera, upon its entry. Beside her grandmother Homar Bel-wife director-and X isca Perelló, the girlfriend of athlete, who wanted to go unnoticed and posed to the journalists .Something that the player failed because, on arrival, the children ran to greet the public and get autographs.
The clock struck nine o'clock at night when there was silence. At the foot of the stage, fourteen musicians from the Balearic Youth Orchestra led by Rafael Nadal himself. Something far remained his usual director, Joan Barceló. On stage, the young singers of the school choir Obrer Sant Josep de Palma. Drew back the curtain that you could not see two years of hiding behind Brundibar. The Odyssey of a musician to get the scores and the original texts of the opera. A mission, which could only be obtained in Czech, German and English, which was followed by a great work of translation.
Behind the scenes, former director of the Principal, Serafí Guiscafre and Pep Canyelles as responsible for the artistic side of the assembly. His was also a stage set from a simple decor and a great set of lights. After his release, Brundibar Trui repeated in 4 to May 6, jump to the Cathedral on June 3, the Sa Màniga Auditorium on June 18, the Alcudia on July 16 to complete the shift on September 23 at the Theatre of the town.
It takes a couple of notes, the movement of a baton teacher invisible so that the knot in the stomach begins to unravel. For bated breath can finally exhale. Free Sleep Hans Krasa and the illusion of Rafael Nadal come to life again and finally, on stage.

SOURCE: Elmundo

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