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Rafael Nadal Interview March 29

Miami, Fl., U.S.A.

March 29, 2011
R. NADAL/A. Dolgopolov

6 1, 6 2

An interview with:


 THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.
 Q.  The weather today, did that cause you any disruptions, or just you know what you have to do in those sort of situations?
 RAFAEL NADAL:  No, you know, be calm and wait.  That's all.  Nothing else.  You can't do a lot of things in days like today.  Relax in the players' lounge, be with the friends.  That's it.
 It's nothing new.  It's something that happen a lot of times in the tennis.

 Q.  Playing Alexandr today, did you feel that he was maybe a little bit tired having to finish off against Tsonga today?
 RAFAEL NADAL:  I don't know.  I don't know if he was tired or not, but you can ask him, I think.  But maybe is possible, no?  But I think when we play matches, five set matches in Grand Slam is more than what he had.
 So I think probably is not easy play end of the match and after start of the match.  That's sure.  But that's part of the game, no?  It happen to me a few times, and I think in general I played at very good level, no?
 Probably he had more mistakes than usual, but I don't know if because he was little bit tired or not.

 Q.  Did you find the conditions heavy because of the rain from earlier on?
 RAFAEL NADAL:  No, heavy, very humid.  That's why I am sweating a lot. 

 Q.  What about playing Tomas in the next round?
 RAFAEL NADAL:  Difficult match always, no?  We know each other.  We played a lot of times, and I know just play my best tennis I gonna have chances against him, no?
 He can play very, very good, and I have to play very solid all the time with my serve and wait a chance on the return.

 Q.  One question about being an ambassador for Bacardi.  I was just wondering, was that a difficult decision, seeing that alcohol and sponsorship for alcohol might be a little strange for some people?  Or was it more you saw the good it can do with the company?
 RAFAEL NADAL:  Did you see the campaign? 

 Q.  Yeah.
 RAFAEL NADAL:  So, I mean, I am not presenting alcohol party, you know.  It's a responsible campaign, a social campaign.
 Anyway, I think alcohol is inside our lives, so is nothing new, no?  But the campaign is not against alcohol but about be responsible when you go out.
 So wasn't difficult decision, because I think is very important social campaign, and I believe in this campaign.  So it was a very easy decision, because I think is very good thing to do for Bacardi.

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