Rafa Nadal Interview with El Tiempo


Rafael Nadal, the number one of the country, in an interview with El Tiempo

FOR: ANDRÉS BOTERO B. REDACTOR OF EL TIEMPO | 7:27 p.m. | 12nd of March of 2011
The Spaniard is within a week from arriving at at Bogota to play against Novak Djokovic.
Football, the sport that arouses all sorts of passions, he was so close, yet so near to deprive the courts to one of his best, one of his best students, one of the most important legends: Rafael Nadal.
Mesmerized by the wake left in the family his uncle Miguel Angel, first and for a decade in the league in Spain with Real Mallorca and Barcelona, ​​and second as a member of the national team, the small 'Rafa' taste leaned toward called 'king of sports. "
He wanted to be a footballer, he dreamed of stand up front, first of Mallorca, his beloved team, Rafael was born in Manacor, and then with Real Madrid, the team of his heart, while recognizing that his greatest aspiration was to represent Spain in a World Cup, yes, football.

- Do you think it would have been a good player?
Always, as a child dreamed of playing as a left striker, I guess even now if I could have reached that.

- What does the Mallorca and Real Madrid for what life as a football fan?
I love football and am a huge fan. I see almost every game, not just those of Mallorca and Madrid, but also those of other teams, like Barcelona. It's one of my passions and I recognize that I view many games.

- Have you ever come to imagine his life if it were not tennis?
Always wanted to be a professional tennis player and I am very happy with what I achieved. Maybe, if it was not a tennis player, would have tried to dedicate myself to football, but I can not imagine my life without doing sport: that, is certain.

Antonio, the other guy was so persistent with Rafael, who ended up beating the pulse of Michelangelo and eventually convince him that he was a promising tennis career. Four years 'Rafa' and grasped his first racket, but his mother, Ana Maria Perera, disagreed with his eldest son, named after the patriarch of the series Nadal, is devoted to such a young age to play competitively.
At age 19, Rafael and Roger Federer lurking in second place in the ATP rankings, and 22, the promise of football lofty pedestal in the tennis world, thanks to the advice of someone who is better known today as Uncle 'Toni'.

- How hard is to be number one in the world?
I do not think that having this condition is difficult. Complicated, obviously, is maintained. Anyway, I've always said that the important thing is to win titles, the rest comes with the victories, especially the issue of ranking, which depends on it.

- What is more to his career: a title of 'grand slam', the Davis Cup or Olympic gold?
Grand slam titles are the most important in tennis. However, I have a very high esteem by the Davis Cup, because it is the tournament that I represent my country, and also for the Olympics because they were a competition I wanted to play since childhood. It is true that there is a competition with great tennis tradition, but that important meeting for the union of sports and athletes with a different spirit.

- What does a typical day of Rafael Nadal?
Depends on whether in a tournament, out of competition or training camp. When I'm in Mallorca, I take much time to spend with my family and my friends, of course, having done my job. I am a person who gives much importance to those moments in my town. And, in tournaments, my concentration is highest in the competition and everything revolves around that: practice, games, physical recovery, rest, preparation, press, sponsors, tournaments and fans.

How familiar is Rafael and what a weekend at home?
Very, very much. To me family is the most important and when I am in Mallorca I work to maximize it.

And it was against Pat Cash, legendary Australian tennis player, Wimbledon champion in 1987 and now aged 45, with whom Rafael eventually convinced that he had made the right choice of your life. That world tennis legend, this boy, who still had trouble raising his racket to hit the ball, won the exhibition staged in 2001 in Mallorca, just 14 years.

- Winning is always very good, but losing is also good for a high performance athlete?
The defeats you learn a lot and also normal in tennis is not always win, but lose almost every time.

- What the public has seen him play has been the most cruel to you?
I am a person who respects the public and to know that, thanks to them, where we are. They have the right to complain if something like it, but will not leave my mouth open criticism at a public have been more or less cruel to me. That is their right.

- What final he has played and lost cost him overcome?
I've had several, but I remember the Wimbledon final second I played (against Federer-2007) as one of the hardest and most difficult to overcome on the way lost. Others were this year in Melbourne (with Andy Murray in the semifinals), and some more are in the trunk of memories, bad memories, of course.

His game is to be constant, never give a point lost and not fear them in their rivals. So confident in himself and in his tennis, his sentence of battle is "My model is me. I have always been first in the various categories and try to follow my own trail." So 'Rafa', a simple, humble and mature, to take only 24 years old.

- I had given up sports for his knee injury. Today, what is the matter and fears lie?
Well, we know that this is so: when you win you are the best and everyone wants something from you, and when you lose as you are finished. Neither one thing nor the other. I've always had a constant line, and hopefully the deal was reciprocal to that effect. I guess I'm not and do not know if I'll injure myself: let's hope not. For now, I'm fine, fine.

- Of all that has won, is there something you needed?
can always win more titles, so is tennis. Each year, many tournaments are played in the world.

- How would you like to be remembered?
As an athlete who always lived with professionalism, passion for his sport, and always gave the maximum.

Although his superpowers in the field, the Spanish tennis player, the best in the world, is considered the height of other 'sport aliens' as Lionel Messi, Usain Bolt, Yelena Isinbayeva, Kobe Bryant and Roger Federer himself, he believes be as deadly as any of Nazareth, as his young age, 24 years, knows how to have fun with friends.

- What do you most fun?
In addition to tennis and football, I like and enjoy the Playstation and go fishing. It's something that relaxes me a lot.

- What are the readings that you like?
Especially leisure magazines, newspapers and lots of Internet.Sometimes I read books, but I will not hide that I prefer to go to the movies with my friends.

Besides racquets, towels, liquid bandages, what special items carried in your bag?
I need to travel and compete. Although I can never miss the music, as well as my DVD and my laptop.

And while it is true that Nadal has never visited our country, it is also true that he has had contact with one of the best exponents of music in the history of Colombia: Shakira. Thanks to her and the extra information that has given tennis player Alejandro Falla when in a tournament circuit, Spanish is eager to land soon in the country.

- How do you imagine to Bogota?
I've never been there, not even in Colombia, but I have really wanted to go because I've heard very good things about this city, and in general across the country. Also, I have a very good relationship with fallita (Alejandro), which is what we call in the circuit.

How is your friendship with Shakira?
I had the opportunity to meet for the first time in Abu Dhabi, a couple of years, in an exhibition where she played a concert. Following that, and once we agree on a restaurant in New York with my team the idea of ​​making the video. I am very grateful for giving me that opportunity was an unforgettable experience.

Deserves a chapter of the bitter rivalry between the Spanish and Swiss Roger Federer, considered by many the best ever. The head to head for first place in the world ranking is impossible to overcome enmity between them, a situation that is both funny and even a little fun.

- Who do you think is the best tennis player history?
Difficult question and answer embarrassing. For me, I've seen, it is clear that Roger Federer, but I have not seen him play against Rod Laver.

- His many sporting clashes with Roger Federer could lead to a feud between you. How is this relationship?
The rivalry begins and ends on the court. We have lived many special moments and we both know that this rivalry is over when we left the track.

Ahhh! And the titles of their age, have so many awards that at home he had to build a special room to store all the trophies he has earned, including nine grand slam titles, Roland Garros (5), Wimbledon (2) , Australia and the USA. UU. (1) - Olympic gold medal in singles-Beijing-2008-, three Davis Cup titles with his country -2004, 2008 and 2009 - the 18 crowns of the Masters 1,000 and as if that were not enough, is the player with the most individual titles -43 -

Where do you store all your trophies?, What do you do with them?
I have them all in my house. I keep every one of them and I stress this fact. I would expose them tomorrow, maybe when I retire or before.

- What do you think is the most beautiful tennis circuit at the moment?
I do not look at it, I look more on how to play tennis and that Cljisters (Kim) and Wozniacki (Caroline) stand out above the rest.


Translated by myself & some help from google!

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