Rafa Nadal autobiography on the way?


Nadal gusta a todo el mundo Foto: EFE

John Carlin, from Mandela to Nadal

John Carlin continued for years to Nelson Mandela to tell his story and the whole country. First in newspaper articles, then in a book that ended up being Hollywood movie. Carlin is now Rafael Nadal, a player who is already more than a tennis player

Renowned British journalist who was a correspondent in Mexico and South Africa, Argentina and worked regularly published in England and Spain, Carlin described in 'human factor' keys intimate the end of apartheid in South Africa. That book became a movie titled 'Invictus', directed by Clint Eastwood.

Where will the story of Nadal? No word yet, but promising. The only certainty is that Carlin is in Melbourne, moving through the bowels of Australia Open to record every detail, talking with players and follow the sun Nadal.

This is not an official biography, but of those situations in which the writer has invaluable help of the protagonist: free access to places and situations inaccessible to any mortal, and even 99 percent of journalists.

Privacy guaranteed tasty Carlin on material for Nadal who is becoming an icon of modernity, a young man that goes beyond tennis and sport to grow as a social phenomenon. "Young children love him. I love, it's crazy," said the Croatian Ivan Ljubicic, former chairman of the ATP players and good knowledge of Nadal and Roger Federer, the tandem that gives meaning to today's tennis .

"It's so nice, so right, it is very difficult to quarrel with him," said Czech Tomas Berdych, who years ago had public clashes with Spanish. "That already happened, we were both very young."

There is no way for you to get the players today a critical view, however slight, over Nadal or Federer. Tennis admiration and respect are total staff. And perhaps by having the fixed-win tennis against everyone and everything they want, "Nadal can build on others. For example: football. World number one was not moved a hair to the time to say that the Argentine Leo Messi deserves the Ballon d'Or than Xavi and Andres Iniesta. Yes, he sent a message to the Cup: "It would clarify the criteria."

His mastery of the situations is growing. On Tuesday, after the abandonment BATRES Brazilian Marcos Daniel in the first round of Australia Open, he was given the annual award of the International Association of Journalists of Tennis (ITWA), which highlights the player better treatment to the press. "I will do my best," he replied quickly, and joking when he said he now had to "defend the title since he lost in 2009 at the hands of the prize Federer had won in 2008. And hard to lose the case, even if you do not like at all what you hear.

Federer praised the new kick Nadal in an interview published Monday by the Australian newspaper 'The Age', but added a question: "What I'm asking is why did not draw well all his life?". Nadal swallowed hard to answer. "Why?" Because I have just as easily as he need more time to do things. The change in the break worked well, but that does not mean that works well for the rest of my life. "

Anyway, either good or bad serving, keep winning or not, Nadal already has 'his' book on its way.If the story ends in Hollywood, is something that time will tell.

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