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AOBlog: Life is a Beach


Life is a beach for me in Melbourne
Hi everyone.

I did something today that to be very honest with you, I'd never done before.

I had practice this morning not too early (11am) and then decided to go to the beach and have lunch with my team at a restaurant there, next to the sea. Most of my fans know I love the sea and I today it was a nice day and we decided to go there.

It is different from Majorca but we had a great time, we ate some nice fish and then we came back to the hotel since I have a meeting with Adam Helfant, the CEO of the ATP to talk about some things related to our sport.

A nice day I have to say that gives me the energy for tomorrow's match. Hope everything goes well.

Thanks for your support.


If I wasn't a tennis player I'd be the king of the swingers

Hola Rafa, does all the adulation, fame, money, championships ever overwhelm you and make you think 'how did I manage to get here at such a young age'? – Ganesh, India

RN: No, I don't pay attention to those things. I just enjoy playing tennis, I love the sport and I try my best. I never thought I could get so far but I always knew i wanted to play tennis, become a professional and started setting up goals. So far I ma very happy and have to be very thankful.

Apart from the Aston Martin, what do you consider to be your biggest mistake? - Frank, UK

RN: Wow, this car thing is really something, huhhh? I have made mistakes but that one probably was the biggest one, let's put it like this.

When you are in Australia, will you be doing anything to help the flood victims in Queensland? Your work with Federer and others at the exhibition match for the Haiti earthquake fund was amazing. All the best! - Sharon Lam

RN: We already played that exhibition on Sunday and we managed to collect some good money to help.

I used to see many pictures of you and your team kicking around a tennis ball on the tennis court after practice; however I don’t see pictures of you guys playing anymore. Have you stopped – and why? - Zine

RN: No, not at all but we dn't always do it. It is a good exercise. The problem is to find good partners.... hahahaha

I’m Spaniard (54 years old) and I’m just trying to improve my English to understand better your interviews around the world and also to be able to speak with other fans of yours… I’m wondering if you still take English classes or it is enough for you to practice English in your travels? You have all my support, Rafa, you can do it, good luck in AO!! ¡VAMOS! Un besazo desde Madrid. – Rosi

RN: i never took classes but I am always trying to learn, listen a lot, sometimes Benito and other of my team help me. You know, traveling the world you need to speak English so the traveling has given me the chance to improve.

Congratulations on your 2010 year and all the best for 2011! I love watching you and Marc Lopez play doubles...will he join you at Indian Wells? And if you weren’t playing with Marc, who would you most like to play alongside? - Terry

RN: Thanks. I enjoy playing with him. Yes i'll play with him there, normally.

All the best for you match tomorrow. I will be cheering for you. I would love to know how would you describe your own fashion style? -Love,Joana!

RN: No description I suppose. I dont know how to describe it to be honest. I suppose I like the colours since I am from Spain, maybe that?

Glad you seem to be over your illness in Doha. How hard is it to recover when you are banned from taking certain medications due to drug tests? - Love from Clare & the Rafateers

RN: As you know we are very limited on what we can take, In the case of Doha I had to take antibiotics and that's quite not comfortable.

If you had to choose another sport other than tennis to play professionally, what would it be? Golf? - Matt, UK

RN: Football or nowadays golf.

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