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What it was like meeting David Cameron

Rafael Nadal

Hello everyone from Melbourne! I didn't write anything yesterday - only answer your questions. I am here in Melbourne since Monday night when we arrived. You have probably seen my Facebook page with the pictures I posted from the flight and my arrival. It is always nice to be here although this year it was raining last week every day. Very strange to see that here. But now the sun is back out and I am enjoying more my time and the practice. Tomorrow is my first match and I am really looking forward to it.

Thanks again to The Times for having me blog here and letting me be in touch directly with you.

Cheers - as they say here.


It's great to have you back blogging and answering our questions, I hope it brings you luck. When you were in London at the World Tour Finals, what was it like meeting the Prime Minister, did you enjoy it and did you get the chance to talk to him? Beses y abrazos, Juliette Westbrook-Finch

Yeah, it was nice to meet him. He seemed to be a very nice person and for us to be at 10 Downing Street was an honour.

Do you have a song that reminds you of a special moment in your career? Like for example for me every time I hear Gabriella Cilmi's Sweet about me, I think about the Australian Open 2009 final because she performed it before the match. Or Empire of the Sun's Walking on a dream because they played it before matches on the BBC for the Australian Open last year. Cedrine

No, not really. Not a specific song. I have a lot of songs that reminds me a lot of things though, like everyone else I suppose.

Congratulations on a great season so far. I'll be visiting Madrid for the first time. Any recommendations for restaurants to try while I'm there? Good luck for the rest of the season! Lee, Illinois

Yes I have many favourite restaurants. I love a Basque one called "Imanol" and also an Argentinian one called "de Maria". Very good meat and/or fish at both. Enjoy Madrid - it is a great city, lots of fun and lots of things to do.

Feliz año nuevo...I wanted to know if you believe in making new year resolutions, and if so what was one of yours? Mucha suerte, Ambar, NYC

Many thanks and same to you. No specific resolutions. Just to continue the good line on a personal level.

Did you receive any special Christmas presents this year? What was your favourite? Kim, London

I did, from my father I got a thing (don't know the English name!) for the watches to keep them in.

What did you think of the snow in Mallorca in December? Christy

It did snow but in the small mountains. It is not often it snows in Mallorca but it is nice to see it when it happens. I think it was the first time I've seen it and for sure it is not normal to see it in December.

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