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Rafa answers questions from the HeraldSun You can submit your question as a comment at the bottom of the page. Good Luck!

WORLD No.1 Rafael Nadal has answered your questions. CLICK HERE TO READ THEM NOW.
During the tournament, "Rafa" will answer a selection of reader questions in an exclusive online column as he embarks on his quest to win his second Melbourne grand slam.
Leave your questions in the comments box below and Rafa will post his first answers right here.
Q. When you were a kid how often did you have to train? Good luck in the Australia Open!

Narelle, Melbourne

A. It depends on the age. I always loved to play so I could be playing for hours. It did change when becoming pro. There it's more organised the work. Maybe 2-3 hours.

Q. Rafa, can you tell if your serve is good from the minute it leaves your racquet? Have you hit so many serves in practice that you can just tell if it's good or not?

A. Yes sure. You feel it immediately. But then it doesn't depend on practice. You also have to have the day or confidence.

Q. G'day Rafa, firstly good luck. Secondly, how would you like to emigrate to Australia as we need a top level men's representative. We're struggling at the moment. I’m sure Tennis Australia and the Aust. Government will chip in and help with relocation costs.

Mex, Brisbane

A. I am actually very happy to be from Spain and very proud of it. I also think that Mallorca is a very nice place to live so thank you very much :-)

I am sure that Australia will come with some good players soon since here they love sports and tennis has a huge tradition. No worries as you say here.

Q. Good luck with your Rafa Tiger Slam. Do you think of playing tennis as your job or more like school? I know you are a pro  but you always talk of learning and improving.

Sia, Canada

A. Thanks. Well it is true. You always learn and improve, believe me. Just look at every player not me. Even Roger improves!

Q. You have mentioned before that you are friends with Lleyton Hewitt, I was wondering do you practise with Lleyton or hang out when you’re not on site at tournaments?

Mallory Williams, email

A. Yes, I like him. He's always been nice with me.  I clearly had a language barrier with him since my English wasn’t so good and he speaks very fast!Q.  We hear a lot about winning and competition, but on the social side, what pro tennis players do you socialise with and what do you do with them?

Mark Doyle, Shepparton

A. Mostly with other Spaniards and Argentinean players. A matter of language.  

Q.  What drives you, what keeps you motivated to achieve success?

Mike Johnston, email

A. I love the sport and I love the competition.

Q. You seem to be very superstitious when playing. Is there any particular reason you're like this and do you have any superstitions off the court or any weird quirks?

Jim Cowski, email

A. Not really. I have those ticks and also routines to be organised. But I am not really superstitious.

 Q.  Yo Rafa. Where does the Aussie Open rank to you personally? And are you and Marcos Baghdatis friends?

Philip, email

A. I think this is a very friendly tournament. Everyone from the organisation is very nice and Craig Tiley, the tournament director, is a great person and always takes very good care of all of us. I really rate this tournament very high. And of course it is one of the four Slams so....

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