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Rafa & Roger's day

ZURICH - At 20.00 clock rises the great duel between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. lets you know where and how the tennis aces spend the time to "Match for Africa."
17.04 Clock: Federer and Nadal now relax with a massage. 20 clock they will return to the hall. Watch the showdown in the live ticker on

16.54 Clock: door opening in the indoor stadium is at 17.15 clock. The first of the 10 500 fans will flock to the hall. The game is already sold out for weeks. As part of the program occurs before the match DJ Bobo.

15.49 Clock: The children will never forget this day. Who can claim already to have returned the ball from the best tennis players in the world successfully? These kids have three days before Christmas Eve, a pre-Christmas presents.

15.04 Clock: It's time! The two gladiators come to the indoor stadium, run in tracksuits on the red carpet. With this course they have their rackets. The pulse of the kids to skyrocket.

14.42 Clock: Federer smiles again at the photo camera.The doors of his car close. Chauffeur Roger injected with Nadal in the passenger seat to Halle Stadium. There, children wait 56 very antsy to their idols, that they clock a tennis lesson at 15:30 may not do.

14.02 Clock: The two gourmet Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal dining excellent. The trip back to the hotel is on the agenda. There are pocket change clothes and pack the day. Then the super-stars are the Zurich Hallenstadion chauffeured already.

12.14 Clock: seven minutes away by the superstars in an alley, a restaurant taxes. There, simply, the two in front of the Exhibition match with a powerful energy lunch. On the schedule are for dining and a half hours to provide. Then goes back to the hotel.

12.07 Clock: The Superstars take on a parade ground.Immediately recognized her. Fans storm Federer and Nadal on. Friendly as always for taking the time tennis aces, sign autographs and be photographed with their followers. The rush is so great that the tramway will be the mass of people blocked from. The 11er tram can only drive off after two minutes late.

12.01 Clock: Federer and Nadal are again sitting in the car. This time, however, not Federer sits at the wheel, but a professional chauffeur. Off we drive.

11.35 Clock: Arrival at the hotel. To travel from the airport to the city center took Federer 25 minutes. You eat yet. Rafael Nadal will disappear quickly with his three bags in his luxury suite. Then some more. A mini-sightseeing in Zurich, is planned.

11.31 Clock: Roger Federer has a stressful week behind. Many journalists wanted something from the world number 2 The questioner was joined by Pedro Pinto, the cult-host of "CNN". In an interview with him, Federer had one of his infamous fits of laughter (see video below).

11.23 Clock: What should that be a picture! The two best tennis players in the world sitting in a bomb Scooters and pass to Zurich train station. One or the other passer-by will surely rub their eyes in wonder and ask: "Was that just Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal?"

11.07 Clock: He's here! Rafael Nadal at 11.07 clock back safe ground under our feet. Immediately get the two stars in Federer's car - alone. There is a reason. The "AMG Mercedes SLS"is a two-seater. Federer moves to the hotel. There, the two tennis aces enjoy a cup of coffee followed by lunch.

10.51 Clock: Rafael Nadal will soon land. Roger Federer has arrived in the meantime at the airport. With its red "AMG Mercedes SLS" from the Basel drove himself to Kloten. know: This superb car is only since March 2010 in the trade and is used in Formula 1 as the safety car. Cost: 230,000 Swiss francs.

Together with his manager Tony Godsick Federer waits at the runway to its present opponents. Federer is considered a safe driver. Rafa will be right. For the world number one would probably be chauffeured by "King Roger" by Zurich.

10.19 Clock: From Roger Federer (29) and Rafael Nadal (24) is missing at the airport Zurich-Kloten each track. Locally there are currently only journalists, including the Spanish television.

The Majorcan comes with a private jet to Zurich. However, such delay. The new landing time the world number 1 is 10.50 clock. Then, Roger Federer will be on site. The host wants to take his opponent today in person. Nadal served for three plays professionally in Switzerland, but never in Zurich. "I'll be able to show him I hope the city a bit, " Federer said in an interview with

Let's see, where there it is currently the best tennis player in the world.


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