Rafa Nadal Man of The Year


Man of the Year 2010 is called Rafael Nadal

Without having yet reached 25 years, Rafael Nadal Parera was the world's leading sports personality in 2010. This was recognized by means of the importance of L'Equipe, the BBC and the Tennis Channel, the cable channel that owns the majority rights in U.S. courts.
The achievements speak loud and clear: Rafa champion three of the four Grand Slam tournaments played in 2010, all but one: Roland Garros (fifth time), Wimbledon (second degree) and his first title at Flushing Meadows, New York : the U.S. Open, the heading of Career Grand Slam. That is, Nadal has won at least once every Slam tournament. Jordan, El Guerrouj, Agassi, Bolt also have the prize of L'Equipe ... Nadal came first, with Iniesta second. Votes, 777-559.
Also, Rafa signed an achievement unprecedented: 1,000 in the three clay Masters, Monaco, Rome and Madrid. Trilogy together with the three major Paris, London and New York, the resulting count is devastating: Nadal ends 2010 as the number one ATP and 3,305 points of difference on the second, Roger Federer, perhaps the best player of all times, at least for his 16 Grand Slam titles.
Nadal closes ATP 2010 with 12,450 points, 9,145 against Federer, who was champion in Australia.Roger have to defend 2,000 points since Jan. 17 next, in Melbourne in the Grand Slam ocean. A Nadal, (a total of nine Grand Slam titles) will touch the tops of the year with the major European tournaments on clay, in spring 2011. In Australia, Rafa can sign his fourth Slam series, an unofficial Grand Slam ... legal validity Martina Navratilova complained one day.
"It's just a dream," he repeats Rafael Nadal. Insist on giving thanks to those who have honored and served in tournaments and humanitarian work, "Happy New Year and thank all my team, the Spanish fans, my fans ... and Roger Federer, the way it has treated me at this end of the year 2010, "said Rafael Nadal to AS after posing in special photo shoot with black suit a new sponsor: a certain Giorgio Armani.
Steve Flink, Tennis Channel, reasoned and Rafa designation as Man of the Year: "Nadal is no contest because he won and lost with equanimity, because it was conducted himself with such dignity and grace and it navigates (...) the territory of champions better than anyone else in their profession. " Is it more abstract?

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