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Rafa is favorite son of Manacor


this is in total Catalan ..hard for me to understand ..sorry cant really translate the video fully..I linked two videos here & they both autostart sorry bout that just pause one to see the other ..

Rafael Nadal: "It's a distinction that fills me with satisfaction and pride"

Rafael Nadal is now favorite son of the town of Manacor, the world's number 1 has been serious during the ceremony, when it is time to speak, was brief but clear, "when we are around the world first thing I think about losing or winning is to return as soon as possible in Manacor, "concluded the Spaniard.
Shortly before Christmas, the president of the Consell de Mallorca, Francina Armengol, had stamped his signature on the book of honor to support the candidacy of the Tramuntana Majorca as World Heritage by UNESCO, as did Last October the Kings and Princes of Asturias.
The council of the Mallorcan town, located about 60 kilometers from the capital, Palma, favorite son is named after a Christmas filled the municipal corporation, which has amended its rules of procedure for the tournament winner in 2010 of Australia, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the Open in the U.S., received this distinction.
Hundreds of Manacor have celebrated Christmas with his family, including parents, grandparents and uncle and coach, Toni, the granting of an honor, embodied with a diploma and an insignia of the city reserved very few.
The mayor Anthony Shepherd has been appointed manager Rafael Nadal favorite son, "the greatest honor in life you can expect someone born in Manacor," he recalled.
"It's a distinction that fills me with satisfaction and pride," said Nadal, who worship in this town, hitherto known for its industries, furniture and tourism, but the existence of a map are now able able to recognize, no doubt, thousands of fans worldwide.
"Nadal has done more to promote the image and Manacor any advertising campaign paid for the price of gold," said neighbor Rafael summarized a euphoric, as they know their neighbors.
The best tennis player in the world is being appreciated in his homeland and always returns. But this feeling is mutual, as his countrymen are known memory of his career, vibrate with their triumphs and celebrate as their own display on giant screens in strategic areas of the town of Manacor case.

Rafael Nadal will be on Friday from an illustrious son of Manacor 

Rafael Nadal will be appointed today evening favorite son of his city, Manacor. Thus, the City Council wants to acknowledge the citizen of his international career. It is also a sign of gratitude to those walking the name of Manacor, Mallorca, Balearic worldwide. It will be an event you can see live here in IB3 from thirst in the program Chronicle today and also through


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