Nadal: I Want My Foundation to Provide Opportunity


 From the Madrid Press Conference

" I have contact with real life always . I can assure you . Life experiences they lived in India make you feel satisfied that you can do something for these situations. I want my foundation to provide an opportunity for a child who normally can not.

There is a way to show one way. Every day we show you how we are and do not need these events . We are exposed every day and want to be close always . Has nothing to do with this. Goes further. Are events to promote the foundation and has increasingly harder to be able to contribute to causes of this type.

Personally I can not say the most important match against Roger Federer because all the parties to it are special. Game after game has created a different atmosphere and every game we play, because we are one or two, means a final or a big game and so it is difficult to keep one in particular. This is an event that made us dream of the two . It is a dream for me to do this in Zurich and Madrid. Perhaps in the future from happening again because we have a great relationship off the track and in this sense, with our respective foundations, we have similar ideas.

In my home we have always been a bit more of the Magi. I have given so much for so many years. I enjoyed the Kings for many years . Just the fact was the illusion. See the chariot with the four Kings. It meant that bomb ... Three Kings ... Santa Claus also "

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