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Facebook Update: Buy a piece of Madrid Exhibition Court!


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Rafa Updated his facebook with a link to buy a piece of the court used at the Caja Mágica in Madrid for the exhibition on Wednesday. It is 65 Euros which is about 85 dollars. I myself am extremely tempted to get one!

"Hello everyone. You know I don´t use facebook for anything commercial, but this time I think it is worth it. You will able to buy pieces of the court where Roger and I will play on Wednesday. The money will go to the kids and this will be another way to help. Go to to buy these pieces. Thanks!"

"Hola a todos. Ya sabeis que no suelo usar facebook para nada comercial, pero creo que esta vez merece la pena... la pista en la que jugaremos Roger y yo el miercoles se podra comprar a pedazos y el dinero ira para los niños. La pista en tus manos! Los trozos se venderan en y esta es otra forma de colaborar. Gracias"

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