Chemistry Between Rafa Nadal and Megan Fox


 jesh i cant wait!..

The chemistry between Rafa Nadal and Megan Fox

The explosive Megan Fox and our most international tennis player Rafa Nadal will face and the whole body of Armani underwear in the new season for spring-summer 2011. The photo shoot took place several days ago in a production of Polígono Son Castello, Palma, and witnesses said the chemistrybetween them was immediate.
They say the atmosphere on the set and backstage was very similar to what occurred when the Spaniard recorded with the Colombian Shakira videoclip of 'Gipsy', whose sensuous images gave rise to the emergence of rumors of a romance between them.
Will have to wait until February to see the muscular Nadal and Megan wearing sexy palm clad in Armani underwear but the images promise to be explosive.

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