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Pre-Tournament Press Conference Transcript


Quotes from the Pre-Tournament Presser in Spanish, English & Catalan

Press Conference: Rafael Nadal (ESP)

“I’ve got a very good feeling about the way I’ve been playing lately. It’s not only
about winning or losing, it’s about focus and being able to keep calm, so I guess
the tournament in Monte-Carlo has been the best week of the year so far. I didn’t
go through ups and downs, which had happened before, and it’s crucial since the
most important thing about tennis is perseverance. So I guess I’ve got reasons to
feel confident about the tournament ahead. Ever since I’ve come back I’ve been
trying my best, staying calm at all times and looking at things the way they are”.

“Monte-Carlo was a huge learning lesson for me since the match against David
was extremely difficult, because he’s such a good player. I also felt I had a chance
to beat Djokovic but then he just ended up being better than me and I can only
congratulate him for putting up such a great performance and getting amazing
results for the past few years”.

“Beating someone in particular or reaching nº1 is not my goal; I’m not getting ready
to defeat Novak Djokovic. I just want to keep improving one match at a time and
see how things go”.
“Last year was extremely complicated and when you come back after going
through such an experience, you’re going to get frustrated if things don’t go the
way you’d like. Everything can’t be perfect and you’ve got to accept that, like it or
not. But I’m feeling confident and I’m looking forward to participate in this
“I don’t like to talk about winning a tournament when the competition hasn’t even
started so right now my goal is to go as far as I can trying my best match after
“The matches ahead are going to be very difficult, but given the fact that I felt great
in Monte-Carlo, I hope I’ll get good results here. Playing against Almagro will
definitely not be easy because he is amazing on clay, but that’s how things are and
there’s nothing I can do about it except trying my best. Even if I lose it’s going to be
a great lesson that will help me improve”.

“All the competitions coming ahead are in no way some training for Roland
Garros. When I’m playing in Barcelona I’m not thinking about Paris, the same way
I’m not thinking about Rome when I’m in Madrid, because all these tournaments
are extremely important”.

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