RioOpen2015 video

Rafael Nadal Press conference at Rio Open (Spanish)


Translated by Camelia Melescanu
(1)I arrived the day before yesterday, I practised yesterday and today and well, I think that anybody is affected by this heat, myself the 1st one, and obviously with these conditions everything is very complicate. The conditions are extreme, apart with humidity included. If the temperature doesn't drop from now till Tuesday when I will start, I will have to suffer and try to survive in the way that I can. (2)From distance we see the Carnival( here in Rio, in Brazil in general) as one of the most special events in the world so for me is a pleasure and great excitement to be there, obviously I didn't prepare at all but I will go to the parade with whom I'm supposed to go, we will try to have fun during that time and surely it will remain in our memory. (3)I am coming back from an injury, I played 2 tournaments till now this year,I work (myself) very hard to try to get back the level that I had before the injury. Referring to the aches/pains part, luckily I don't have physical problems at the moment, this is always an advantage and now remains the most important(thing) which is to practise well, to prepare well and try to arrive competitive on Tuesday when it will start and after that will see what happens...

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