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Rafael Nadal: "I do not know if I'll get back to my very best, but I'll try"

Buenos Aires, Feb 23 (EFE) .- The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, current number 4 in the world, said today that it is not certain whether he can return to his very best form, but that he will try and continue to take small steps towards a full recovery.

"I do not know if I'll get back to being the best Rafael Nadal, but I'll give it my very best to try. After a series of injuries last year that forced me to stay away from the tour it is difficult to analyze my position, despite reaching the final in Australia and winning the title in Roland Garros," said Nadal at the press conference prior to his participation in the tournament in Buenos Aires.

"Physically I'm fine. In Rio I did not have a bad week and won several good matches but I lost one which I should have mastered. I had cramps, which almost never happened during my career, and in the end, at important points, Fabio (Fognini) played better than me. I would have liked to be in the final, I would have had a little more faith and confidence," he analyzed.

"There is a staircase that I have to climb and I will only get to the top slowly. I hope I can improve further in Buenos Aires," said Nadal, who will play in Argentina after a ten year absence.
"The motivation is there every day. One has different feelings during the career. In 2005 everything was new and ten years later we are in a different situation with a lot of positive things that have happened. Although I am coming back from seven difficult months that prevented me from playing on the tour. I have to make up for lost time,"
he added.

When asked about his presence in Buenos Aires while the top five players of the tour are playing in Dubai, Nadal said he made a commitment to this tournament and is here to perform.

"Since the knee injury in 2013 I have tried to play tournaments on clay, which is a little easier on my body and my tennis. In addition I wanted to play again in Argentina", added the Spaniard.
On the importance of winning the title, the Spaniard showed off all his humility: "Winning is important after a time of not doing so or losing early, after a complicated injury, winning is a good thing. Although in order to get there it is best not think about winning, not be obsessed with it. There is a feeling of humility knowing that I came here without winning five tournaments in a row".
"The physical condition is an important part of our sport and I am a person who has suffered in places with lots of humidity. I noticed that it has been a little worse than I expected. The only way to recover is to practice. I need a bit more confidence in my physical ability and be more consistent in key moments of the match", added the Spaniard who will make his debut in a doubles with his friend, local player Juan Monaco.
The first single match for Nadal will be on Wednesday against the winner of the match of his compatriot Albert Montanes and a Qualifier.
The tournament is played on clay courts at the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis, adds 250 ranking points to the winner and more than $530,000 in prizes.

(translated by Chris Boardman)

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