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Rafa Nadal, the worldwide face of Dekton® by Cosentino


The new advertising campaign for Dekton® features tennis star Rafa Nadal and will be launched simultaneously all over the world.

Under the title “DEKTON. UNLIMITED.”, the campaign presents the perfect combination of Rafa Nadal, whose talent, strength and versatility on any surface has made him a world leader in sport, and Dekton®, a product made unique by its resistance, advanced technology, durability, versatility and beauty.

Cantoria (Almería, Spain), 15 January 2015.- The ultracompact surface for the world of architecture and design, Dekton® by Cosentino, is launching its new advertising campaign together with Rafa Nadal as the face of the brand. The framework for the agreement signed between the multinational company and the tennis player from Majorca at the end of 2014, through which Cosentino has become a sponsor of the “Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar” project, also includes the use of his image for advertising purposes. The campaign launch will take place simultaneously worldwide.

Under the title “DEKTON. UNLIMITED.”, the campaign presents the perfect combination of Rafa Nadal, whose talent, strength and versatility on any surface have made him a world leader in sport, and Dekton®, a product made unique by its resistance, advanced technology, durability, versatility and beauty. Dekton® and Nadal are unlimited.

Just as a match is won stroke by stroke, forcefully, putting one's rivals and oneself to the test, Dekton® is subjected to unlimited force every day, with its uses and applications, technology and design being put to the test. The ultracompact Dekton® material forms the perfect partnership with designers and architects from all over the world for any interior or exterior project and with the highest guaranteed reliability.

Its excellent properties, such as high mechanical resistance; good thermal shock resistance; very good colour stability; high resistance to scratching, staining, abrasion, UV rays and hydrolysis; and reduced water absorption means that Dekton® can be used on kitchen worktops and bathroom vanities, wall and floor treatments, furniture, façades and any other exterior surface. The new advertising campaign entirely reflects this versatility for applications that Dekton® offers, placing the tennis star in two large sets, one indoors and the other outdoors, which are completely covered with the new ultracompact surface in the shades of Aura (white with grey veining on worktops and walls), Zenith (matt white on interior and exterior floors) and Strato (grey on wall).

The “Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar” project, the tennis academy the sporting figure is soon to open in his home town of Manacor, Majorca, will also be an example of all the architectural and design possibilities Dekton® offers, as this material will be used on façades, floors and other surface treatments.

According to Santiago Alfonso, Director of Marketing and Communications for Cosentino Group, “this new form of collaboration through which Rafa Nadal becomes the international image for Dekton®, our great contribution to the world of architecture and design, fills us with great pride. There are values that we undoubtedly share with Rafa, such as our daily effort, continuous innovation and the endless quest for leadership and success. We like to work with the best, and Rafa Nadal will help us make Dekton® a model of success for the world.


Advertiser: Cosentino Group
Product / Brand: Dekton® by Cosentino
Sector: Surfaces and materials for interior design and architecture
Original Idea/Concept: Nadie. Creative Knowledge: Damián Granados, Esteban Sosa (Cosentino Group)
Photography: Alberto Rojas Fotografia
Producer: Cosentino Group Marketing Department /Evolution BCN
Photographer’s assistants: Manuel Padilla (1st assistant) y Jose Antonio Gómez Morenate (2nd assistant)
Graphic Design / Layout: Esteban Sosa
Copy: David García
Production assistant, location scout: Miguel Sabiote
Wardrobe: Diesel
Stylist: Crearte (Guillermo García)
Hair & Makeup: Crearte (Guillermo García)
Digital retouching: Esteban Sosa
Sets and 3D retouching: Grupo A3 Comunicación
Model: Francina Models

About Dekton® by Cosentino

The Dekton® by Cosentino ultra-compact surface is a new and innovative category of surfaces created with the objective of becoming a global leader in the world of architecture and design both for indoor and outdoor spaces. It is the result of an investment of 128 million euros and 22,000 hours of research and development, making it the perfect partner for designers and architects throughout the world.

Dekton® is a sophisticated mixture of the raw materials that is used to manufacture glass, porcelain materials and quartz surfaces. The Dekton® surface can recreate any type of material with a high level of quality. It is manufactures in large format (320 cm x 144 cm) and thin thicknesses (0.8 cm, 1.2 cm and 2 cm) and it as superior technical characteristics:

High mechanical resistance
Good resistance to fire and heat
High scratch resistance
High UV rays resistance
High hydrolysis resistance
Reduced water absorption
Very good colour stability
Very good dimensional stability
High abrasion resistance
High stain resistance
Resistance to freezing and thawing.

These superior technical characteristics are achieved thanks to the exclusive TSP (Technology of Sinterized Particles), developed by the R&D of Cosentino Group. TSP technology is an ultra-compaction process which makes Dekton® a totally revolutionary low-maintenance, long-lasting product with a multitude of applications.

Prestigious architect and designer Daniel Libeskind has created in 2014 “Beyond The Wall”, a spectacular sculpture which becomes the first architectural and design milestone created with Dekton® by Cosentino. As well, the ultracompact surface Dekton was selected for the flooring of Baku airport, Pepe Jeans stores in Barcelona, Paris and Rotterdam, Dani García restaurant in Marbella (two Michelin stars) and DiverXO restaurant from David Muñoz (three Michelin stars) in Madrid.

Since 2011, Cosentino Group is sponsor and official provider of worktops at “The 50 Best Restaurants of the World”. Since 2014 with its Dekton® brand sponsoring the “One To Watch” award.

In 2015 the Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal features worldwide Dekton® adversiting campaign. At the same time, thanks to Cosentino’s sponsorship of the project “Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar” the tennis academy will include Dekton in diverse applications of the spectacular premises.


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