Interview: Rafael Nadal arrives in Mallorca


Translated by Camelia Melescanu (@cami_melescanu)

Rafa Nadal statements at his arrival today in Mallorca after Australian Open 2015:
"Logical...after weeks, months without competing, without being able to be on the tour, it's a trip(Doha & OZ) that I had highs and lows, that I had bad moments and I had some good moments but they combined both things and in general looking at the positive, I did QF and arriving in Australia the way I arrived it has value, doesn't stop to be a QF, it's a result that is not bad being the 1st GS of the year, finishing between the 8 best, allows me to add some points, in the end I have a lot of months not adding practically points, there are points that have their value at this moment, knowing that this 1st part of the year is complicated for all the points I defend, after I don't defend anything, trying to go down as less as possible in the ranking during the 1st 6 months of the year, and like I said, I added up matches, positives things, negatives things but I overcome phases that is the most important, I overcome moments that had to happen,that have to happen and that will happen, the process is not done, not by far, and the only thing at a personal level that I can do is to work the way that I am doing it with the same interest, the same excitement(ilusion) and from there knowing that with patience and excitement(ilusion) the logical...(the interview stops abruptly)"

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