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Rafa Nadal leaving hospital


AP/Manu FernandezAP/Manu FernandezREUTERS/Gustau NacarinoREUTERS/Gustau NacarinoAP/Manu FernandezREUTERS/Gustau NacarinoREUTERS/Gustau NacarinoREUTERS/Gustau NacarinoAP/Manu Fernandez
REUTERS/Gustau NacarinoREUTERS/Gustau NacarinoAP/Manu FernandezEFE/Alejandro García

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal leaves the hospital after successfully undergoing an operation to remove his appendix in Barcelona, Spain, Wednesday, Nov 5, 2014. A month ago, the tennis star tried to play through suspected appendicitis at the Shanghai Masters but acknowledged experiencing discomfort and was ousted in the second round by fellow Spaniard Feliciano Lopez. Nadal tried to treat his appendix with antibiotics before opting for an appendectomy. Nadal's appendix was removed on Monday using laparoscopy surgery.

So happy Rafa is finally out of pain and now he can focus on strength training! Vamos Rafa!

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