Shanghai: Nadal diagnosed with Appendicitis



World No. 2 was diagnosed with appendicitis on Sunday. Despite the diagnoses Rafa will continue to play in the tournament. Rafa is due to open his title campaign against Feliciano Lopez.

Rafa gave his presser on Tuesday, he explained that after arriving in Shanghai on Saturday, he began to feel a lot of stomach pain overnight and went to the hospital on Sunday morning. There, he was diagnosed with the beginnings of appendicitis and offered a course of aggressive antibiotics in an attempt to avoid surgery.

The medication does appear to have helped Nadal, whose pain has reduced significantly, to the point he will walk onto court on Wednesday. After two days resting in his hotel room, the 28-year-old Nadal practised at the Qizhong Tennis Center on Tuesday for 45 minutes.

“I was in the hospital on Sunday, Yesterday the nurse came to my room to give me the treatment again. Today I was at the hospital in the morning again. I had again the antibiotics. It seems like everything is under control now. The normal thing for the improvement to continue. I’m not going to go for surgery. That's great news for me today. That's why I'm here practising for 45 minutes and trying to play tomorrow. But obviously I am not in my best condition.

“The positive thing is I am feeling better today than yesterday. Yesterday I felt a little bit better than the day before. I hope tomorrow I will feel better than today. That's why I want to try. I am in Shanghai. I am here to play a tournament. If I don't play, I don't have the possibility to win. So that's it.”

Nadal confirmed the doctor advised him that sooner or later, he will require surgery to remove his appendix, but the decision on the timing of that operation will be taken after he consults with his doctor back in Mallorca. 

“I have to talk with my doctors when I get back home,”  “It is true that the doctor here told me that [eventually] I have to take it out. Because when you have it once, the normal thing is that it is going to come back. Sooner or later I have to take it out.”

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