2014 offcourt

Rafa Nadal watches Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid


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Rafa Nadal: "The Consolidated National team has a great style and future"
Nadal took advantage of His Presence at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium During the first leg of the Spanish Supercup to praise the Spanish Football team: "We'll fight for the Most Important tournaments"

Nadal confessed that:. "What Has Been Achieved in recent years has Average User a coincidence ... There May be some Setbacks, but it helps to go Back With more strength" He bets on Vicente del Bosque's team: "The National Team You have to Consolidated style with young players and I predict a great future. You can not always win, but hopefully we will fight for more Important tournaments. " Rafa Nadal has always supported the Spanish team celebrations and sharing titles: such as the World Cup or the European Championship.


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