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Rome: R2 Press Conference Transcript



TENNIS Internazionali BNL d’Italia – R. Nadal d G. Simon 7-6, 6-7, 6-2. An interview with Rafael Nadal

RAFAEL NADAL: The conditions were difficult, it was very cold and the ball didn’t bounce a lot. It was a tough moment in the 2nd set, but this was the first match on the clay where I had to suffer, mentally and physically. I was not playing bad and I am happy to have dealt with that kind of anxiety, I look forward to play the 3rd set because these are the matches that gives me more satisfaction, the ones that test you very deeply. I did it and I am very happy.

Q: Gilles has won a lot of matches, are you surprised by his level tonight?

RAFAEL NADAL: He played great, he has all the ingredients to play well tonight: the bounce were lower, there was a lot of wind, he has the topspin. I think I did little bit better than him in the first set. In my opinion he played great, especially when he was losing he did some great shot.

Q: You talk about the mental fight you had in your mind, did you think you were able to eradicate these problems you had in your mind because you are such a positive player and it’s surprising you have to battle in your mind.

RAFAEL NADAL: That’s my feeling. Seriously, this 3rd set was the set with more value of the season, we’re happy for that. It was a positive match in lot of ways and it’s important now that I recover for tomorrow

Source: UBITennis

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