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Rome: Pre-Tournament Press Conference Transcript


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Nadal: "I'm not thinking about Roland Garros"

ATP ROME - Pre-tournament Interview. Interview with Rafael Nadal

Q: How do you feel here in Rome? Many say that the real Nadal is seen in Madrid and one in Barcelona and Monte Carlo.

Rafael Nadal: I have always got on very well here in Rome ever since my first victory in 2005, the final one is one of the best memories I have of the circuit. And of course because I had a lot of success here, I won 7 times, I've lost a final, I played a lot of games are important for my career. It's a tournament that I really like. I trained yesterday and it is true that the feelings are different from Madrid, not completely, but they are different.Today it rained, and I have not trained, this makes the conditions a bit 'more difficult. I'm happy to be back in Rome. I won in Madrid that is at altitude, which is more surprising than a victory at sea level. It was the fifth final in Madrid on earth, 6 stakes, but nothing crazy since last year. The field in good condition makes the game more enjoyable for the audience and more normal for the players.

Q: Looking to change, there is something different between Madrid and Rome?

Rafael Nadal: Getting here playing well and winning is much simpler, it is obvious that there is a difference, you have to trade a little 'more here than in Madrid. Nothing crazy but you need to make small adjustments mentally and talk about how to hit the ball.

Q: Are you happy with the level you are playing now? Do you feel 100% ahead of Roland Garros?

I do not want to be 100% for Roland Garros, I want to be ready for Rome. So I'm here trying to do my best, and at the end of the Roland Garros tournament is a very important but not the only one in the circuit and I do not think the game while here in Rome. I'm happy to be here, playing week after week, day after day. When we speak of Roland Garros. But now we are here in a historic tournament, all the best players are here, and I will try to do everything as I have always done throughout my career, nothing has changed.

Q:You won here nine years ago. How different is the Nadal today from the young boy of 9 years ago?

Rafael Nadal: You can see from the video (laughs). It is difficult to explain these feelings. On the one hand I'm not happy that nine years have passed, but on the other I'm happy with everything that has happened in recent years in my life, in my career. I have the opportunity to be happy for what I do. I'm talking about results, but also of happiness, life has been wonderful nine years of my life, I've done so many things. I'm still here and that makes me happy because during my career many people have said that with my style of play I would have had a short career, but in the end are in the loop for 12 years then definitely 100% was not a short career .

Q: What does it mean to defend a major title for the first time? I think Andy Murray who next month will defend the title at Wimbledon. For example, at Roland Garros, when we're back in the second year after winning your first title?

Rafael Nadal: Less difficult than the first. When you win you're aware that you can do it again. It is more difficult to do so for the first time rather than the second because you think you can do it again, you've already been in that situation and know what to do.This is not to say that win or defend any title is simple: it is very difficult.

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