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November 5, 2013

Rafael Nadal


R. NADAL/D. Ferrer
6‑3, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please. 

Q.  What changed in three days? 
RAFAEL NADAL:  Well, what really changed is nothing in three days.  But probably, yeah, he arrived a little bit more tired after playing the final there.  Not a lot of time to adapt.  Court is a little bit slower. 
I played with a little bit more calm than other day.  And, in my opinion, he didn't had the chance to hit the winner as easy as he did three days ago. 

Q.  Obviously you couldn't be here last year.  How did it feel to be back out on the court again?
RAFAEL NADAL:  It is a fantastic stadium.  Is a stadium that I really love.  Is one of the best stadiums that I ever played. 
I enjoy every time.  First of all, what means to be playing here is because you had a great season, and same time the atmosphere, the combination of lights, you know, is great.  I really enjoy so much.  Even if I was not able to play my best a lot of times here, I really have great feelings every time I have the chance to be playing in this stadium. 
Last year, you know, was a big miss for me. 

Q.  When you've played someone that much ‑ 30 times you've played David ‑ do you pick up new things, new ideas, nuances when you play someone that often, when you know their game that well, or it's pretty much the same thing, you're going to do what you're going to do?
RAFAEL NADAL:  No, always during these 30 times have been already been nine, ten years during these 30 times, no?  Times change.  Tennis change.  My tennis not the same than 2006.  His one neither. 
Sure, when you have the things fresh on your mental, after what happened a few days ago, you know you have to do a few things different.  And in my opinion, I did a few changes tactically from a few days ago that make me play with a little bit more calm and that made me play, you know, in better position on the court, no? 
My opinion, in Paris he was able to hit the winner lot of times in the first shot.  I had mistakes in my first shots where I hitted the ball.  I tried to hit against his backhand too many times there.  He was quick and he cover very well his backhand with his forehand.  From that position, he takes the control of the point from inside.  Was very difficult to be back on the point. 
So I changed little bit where I hit the first ball. 

Q.  I appreciate there's still a lot of tennis to be played in this tournament.  But when you look back on this event, it's an event that you haven't won.  So does it make you any more determined this year, especially with the way you've played in the last eight months, nine months, to actually win this tournament this time? 
RAFAEL NADAL:  No.  I always came here with motivation to play well.  But, you know, I didn't win all the tournaments that I played in my career.  I lost in places every time that I was able to compete in the tournament. 
For some reasons, you have places that the conditions are a little bit worst for you.  But that doesn't mean that one year you are special motivation.  Every time I am able to play in the World Tour Finals have been a special feeling for me. 
Sometimes I didn't play my best.  In other times, I play well.  I had a few chances without positive end.  But I going to try myself to play a good match tomorrow and create me another chance to be in the semifinals again. 
But we'll see.  Remain a lot.  Is a good start for me, positive one.  But, you know, to win against Wawrinka or Berdych, I need to play my best.  Surfaces that are favorable for them, or a little bit less positive for me.  So if I not play my best, will be very tough to have another victory.  I gonna try. 

Q.  You have to play again in 24 hours against someone who has had an extra day off.  How do you think that will factor into the match? 
RAFAEL NADAL:  No, I would love to have one day off today because at the end I didn't have a lot of time to prepare this tournament. 
Is always great when you win a match, then have a day off to confirm the feelings, to keep doing the things that you need to keep playing well. 
But the tournament decide that is the other part of the draw, that they have the day off.  So talking about physically, no, that's not going to affect for tomorrow.  I didn't have very demanding physically match today.  So I hope that will be 100% for tomorrow physically. 
But talking about tennis, I would prefer to have one more day off.  But that's what it is, and nothing.  One or another group had to play this way.  Was my one.  Accept and try to play my best tomorrow. 

Q.  It might sound a bit of a silly question, but what to you is different about playing indoors?  Does it feel strange?  Does it feel different?
RAFAEL NADAL:  I like the sunshine (smiling). 
Is a little bit different, you know.  The feeling on the ball, on your racquet, is different.  The sound is different.  All of these small things that make you feel a little bit strange. 
And at the end I didn't play a lot on indoor in my career.  That's another point, no?  But is not a thing that I don't like to play in indoor.  I like to play in indoor.  But is true that the feeling on the ball is little bit more strange than when you play outside, no? 
Sometimes I feel like the ball stays less time on the racquet than other surfaces, no?  But at the end, is not a big deal.  Just, in my opinion, the opponents have the chance to hit the ball and to go for the winners with better chances of success than in outdoor courts. 

Q.  You said it's a bit slower than in Paris.  Are you happy with that? 
RAFAEL NADAL:  I let you know after the tournament if I happy or not. 
But I really like the fast surfaces.  Because of my success on clay, lot of people thinks that I play much better in a slower surfaces.  And I think that's completely not true.  I have, you know, my best results on hard court are in fast surfaces.  I win in Montréal two times.  That is one of the fastest.  I won in Cincinnati this year.  That is one that is very fast.  And Indian Wells is not a slow court.  Indian Wells, is true is not very quick, is not very slow, and the bounces are always high.  Always the easier one for me to play. 
But Shanghai this year was very fast and I had a great feeling playing there.  Is not a question of the speed of the court.  Is a lot of different factors make you feel good or bad, no?  The balls are very important sometimes when you play in these kind of surfaces.  That's it, no? 
I am happy.  The court is in perfect conditions here.  I think the court is the right way to see good tennis. 

Q.  Today Viktor Troicki received a reduced ban.  He said it ends his dream to become a top player.  Do you agree with him that it's still too harsh for a missed test? 
RAFAEL NADAL:  I really don't have the whole information to say about this.  I say what I had to say in Shanghai. 
So at the end is a tough position for everybody because I believe in Viktor.  But at the end there is somebody that have to take the decisions.  The doctor who accept to make the control the next day, if that's that way, that's big mistake from the doctor, too. 
So at the end there is somebody that have to decide how many months are for sanction.  That's 12.  I am sorry for him.  I know Viktor is a good guy.  I hope to see him back on tour next year. 

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