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BNPPMasters: Semifinal Conference Transcript Snippet



It seems like you never really found your best game against David. How do you explain this?

Sometimes in sport we look for complicated explanations. But it’s really very simple. I just need to play better and make fewer mistakes. I need to move quicker. Today I felt like I was always a little late on the ball. David is so quick and he puts you under pressure all the time. In the second set I had chances. I made a big mistake at 5-5. I really needed to win that one. David played much better than me today, so I congratulate him.

Is there any particular reason you were slower than usual? Did you have any kind of physical problems?

No, there was no one particular problem. I don't know why, but today I was sweating much more than previous days. I feel a little bit slower but nothing that really should affect to my movements. I was just not in top form this afternoon. The only thing I can do in these situations is congratulate my friend and wish him the best of luck for tomorrow in the final.

Now you head to London for the World Tour Finals. What do you think you need to correct to do better in London?

I just have Sunday and Monday to practice a little bit in London. I need to practice to work on a few things. It’s a very short period of time, but that's all I’ve got. There’s one tournament left in the year. I will just try to play with a positive attitude. Today I tried to stay positive, to fight until the end, but was not my day. Now I have to try to play better in London. I played here four matches at Bercy and that's positive thing in terms of preparation for London.


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