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Toni: Rafa is not the favorite against Djokovic


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"Rafa is not the favorite against Djokovic" Toni Says

Uncle and coach Toni Nadal believes his nephew is not the favorite one in the semifinals at Roland Garros this Friday, even though Djokovic himself said it "He knows is not true. He knows that in a match where the number 1 plays, and that's him, the rival is the the favorite. Just as simple as that" Toni Nadal said when he was asked about the Serbian’s words where he stated that the seven times RG Champion is the favorite

"If we look at the bets, I don't think people is betting more for Nadal than for Djokovic. He (Djokovic) knows better than me, but Rafael is not the favorite, is a difficult match and there are 50 50 chances. Djokovic, without playing well, can win some matches. So do we. But not here. You have to play well to win" Toni added

Nadal's defeat in Montecarlo's final represented "the first really demanding match of the season" Toni assured. "It was hitting the ball a little bit more, again and again. We were not prepared enough. Now we have to"

Rafa Nadal was even more convincing: "I don't give a damn who is favorite in the semifinal. I know I'm playing against the best player in the world. He's being having great results, I will need to find my rhythm and play at the best possible level" Rafa said after beating Wawrinka.

"The word favorite is the least I think about. Words may be gone by the wind, what really counts is who is playing better on Friday, that's the truth. These types of matches are won by the one who played best that day". Talking about numbers, in 34 matches, the Spaniard has 19 victories, who has never lost against Djokovic on clay in Paris.. "Those are just numbers. We played a lot of times and we both won. Last year I beat him in three finals. In 2011 he won more than three. It depends of each moment. I'll try to play well without thinking about the past. What happened before is not a predictor" Rafa added.

He says that also applies to last Montecarlo's final "Ever match is different and has his own history. I had my chance in the second set, the fist set was very difficult, but I didn't play bad"

"I came here to win the title, and in this type of tournament the opponent is always important. I would prefer an easier rival, but is Djokovic and I will have to play at my best. Besides, this is not the final, is a semifinal, there is a big difference. I'll be a bit nervous, I'm playing against the best in the world and if I'm not nervous is because I have no passion". He also remarked that whoever wins this match is not the title's winner, and spoke very well about the quality of the other two semifinalists, Ferrer and Tsonga.

Translations: Julia Arozena for Rafaholics.

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