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“It was an incredible match,” Nadal said. “To play against Novak is always something unusual. We push each other to the limit.”
“I know that this is very, very difficult for us to be here in the final when we have so many problems,”
Asked at one stage if he considered it a miracle, Toni Nadal broke down in tears, halted the interview and retreated down the stairs leading to the main player locker room at Roland Garros.
He said Rafael Nadal had also teared up when they met after the match. “Yes, Rafal was very, very emotional,” Toni Nadal said.

"I didn't have ambition to win Roland Garros, I didn't have ambition to win Monte Carlo, I didn't have ambition to win Indian Wells.
"My only ambition was to feel myself competitive another time, feel myself happy to play tennis another time, and try to play with no limitations.
"For me, just to be here is great news. To play since I came back nine tournaments and be in the final of eight and win six and be in another semi-finals another time is just much more than one person or any person of my team dreamed.
"I just can say thank you to everybody who really supported me, everybody who helped me during this period of time. That was not easy for me. I came back fresh mentally with motivation and with positive energy. That's all.
"I am able to play with less pressure than before because I know from where I came here, from a very low situation, very low moments, so everything is positive for me."

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