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“I made the improvement against Nishikori and today I made another important improvement,” said Nadal. “In my opinion, I always played at a very good level. I'm happy the way I played that match today. To win against a player like Wawrinka is impossible with this score if you don't play at a very good level.”

"If you win, you didn't win anything yet," Nadal said. "It's not the final; it's the semifinals. You are not playing a match for a title. You are just playing a match to be in the final. So it's a big difference."
"I don't care at all," he said through a translator. "Frankly, what words could I find to tell you? I mean, what else can I say? I don't give a damn about it.
"I try and play my best tennis, and the least of my concerns is to know if I'm favoured or not. These are words that will be carried away by the wind." 
"He never gives up. I mean, that's an impressive virtue that he has. Over the years, he's been so consistent and so dominant, on this surface especially," Djokovic said. "He's struggled with injuries, came back, and lost only a few matches since he came back. You've got to respect that."

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