Rafalinkage: June 18th


Rafa is in London! He made his way to the airport from Mallorca this AM , a photo from

Another Spanish Video Interview at the airport from MARCA
After arriving he made his way towards the practice courts.
Wimbledon's Official Twitter posted this:

They also posted this on their official vine account holds a voting for who is the best athlete in Spain.. Rafa wins!


"I am going without having trained on grass and it is a surface that you have to understand, learn once again and know how to play the points and focus in the right manner in certain situations,"
I have gone practically two years without playing on grass because last year I arrived in very bad condition due to the knee, just as much in Halle as at Wimbledon."So I have to work from today, doing things right and trying my hardest in every training session, which is the only way to arrive at the first round in good condition.""Wimbledon is not like the Roland Garros, Australia or the US Open where in the course of the match you can go on saving or extending the match. It is a different situation and you have to be very concentrated in every moment because the match can go by very quickly."I love to play there, where all the matches are especially difficult. I don't know how my adversaries will go, but whoever I face, to get to the quarters or semis would be very good news, because it would say that I have had a very good first week."
“First of all, I think he made the right move not playing [Halle],”  “Last year when he played the French, he went and played Halle. I can't say this because he was probably having trouble with the knees already, but to me it did contribute to make them even worse. I think he needed the break, particularly since that was the first best-of-five set, first major he played since Wimbledon of last year. “As far as the wear and tear, emotionally, physically, it's difficult to say. I interviewed him after he won the French. I was amazed how well he bounced back from the Djokovic match, given the fact he hadn't played as tough a match as that. He's certainly phenomenal. He's unbelievable. I hope that he stays healthy. I would just say emotionally after everything he went through, it would be hard not to have some type of letdown for a period of time.” “I think for me coming into Wimbledon, because of everything that sort of goes into winning an event like that, to me I would pick him the fourth most likely guy to win it,” McEnroe said. “I would drop him down below the other three guys there because I think there will be some toll that will be taken, maybe even more emotional than physical. The movement that he banks on on clay is not going to be quite as easy on grass for him. He may not be quite as confident. Having said that, maybe he'll take the opposite and he'll be so happy he's back out there, it wouldn't shock me if he won it.” 
"In my opinion there is no doubt he should be in the top four," American McEnroe said in a conference call arranged by broadcaster ESPN on Tuesday.
"I don't think anyone would be put out, whatsoever. Wimbledon is the only one of the four majors that can change the seedings.
"I don't know how they do it exactly, apparently there's some kind of formula, but clearly he should be one of the top four seeds in my book.
"If he ran into Ferrer in the quarter-finals it would be the same old, same old because Ferrer is used to running into one of the big four in the last eight.
"But if Nadal played Djokovic in the quarters, or possibly Murray or Federer, that would be a big difference, and absolutely wrong for that to happen, in my opinion."
"Nadal is the fourth most likely guy to win because of what I think may be the toll taken to win the French Open, maybe even more emotionally than psysical."He can't impose his will quite the same way on grass as he can on clay but having said it wouldn't shock me if he won it."

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