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Rome: R2 Nadal Press Conference Transcript

5/15/2013Rafaholics TM


Q: Just an assessment of your performance 
R. Nadal: I think I played the right match to go through and I played well and the beginning Fabio had more mistakes but I prefer to talk about myself and aggressive when I had the chance.

Q: Last year many problems – do you feel better that this year? 
R. Nadal: I don’t want to talk any more about my pain and my knee in every press conference. I have talked too much about that and now I wasn’t to talk about tennis.

Q: Today Murray Wawrinka and then Tsonga. What does that change. 
R. Nadal: Do you see any difference. Nothing changes. I am still in the same place with fantastic players and sometimes one loses and one wins and we are here competing with the top 50 players in the world on a Masters tour. Wawrinka came with 2 finals and he is probably tired, Tsonga had a tough match against Janowicz and Murray gets injured and the calendar is tough. I wish him a fast recovery.

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