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Rome: Nadal R16 Presser Transcript


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Q: About the draw – this time you had Gulbis next time Ferrer, Djokovic or Federer and going into the Roland Garros as 5th seed is a problem

R. Nadal: I can be 4 th seed. Is there no chance for me. The draws are tough and if you are fifth then you can have tougher draws but being 7 years (months) out of the completion and still being number 5 is a miracle and I had a very good change to be number 10 and there are lots of chances to be worse and I accept the situation and I am number two in the race today and tomorrow I have a chance against a very difficult player and I needed to play better and to win and being in the quarter finals is great … Fognini was tough, the second round was tough and tomorrow will be tough and since I cam back, if I am 4 th or 5 th or 6 th it is no difference. The important thing is to be healthy and play well.

Q: Can you explain the match of today. He said that he was the better player on court but you are the champion.

R. Nadal: Tennis is not like football where you score a goal and you stay back and you can win the match. In tennis you play every point and not only, normally but not always, the best player wins and if you understand that the best player is him. If you hit as hard as you can and hit every ball at 216 or 220 and then that means being the best player then perhaps he was the best player. For me the best player is to try and find solutions against he other player and when I served for the second set and I lost and also in the third and I still was fighting and I found solutions so the best player won. Gulbis is a fantastic player and he needs to pace himself a little more and he asked to many times to the umpire to look at the ball and I never do that and I don’t like this attitude on court but everyone is free and he needs to be a little cool and he is a great player.

Q: When he is playing like today is it like Soderling. R. Nadal: Even if Soderling hit hard every ball and had a big serve, my feeling is that you need to play with a little more tactic and … you can make this comparison but in my opinion, no.

Q: Well played. While you were on court, David Beckham has retired from football and all forms of football. Can you tell us some memories of him.

R. Nadal: I met him a few times in Madrid and he is amazing on court and always fighting and even if he is a big star outside the football stadium he is a big professional and always has a fantastic smile for the kids and everybody. All my respect for him and all the best that he will do as next projects and all my admiration and he is a great example.

Q: It is not so easy being so famous and living a public life. R. Nadal: Sometimes it bothers you and probably this is what happened to him and he always has a smile for everyone and respectful for everyone and I congratulate him for his career and he is a fantastic football player and so it is a big loss for the sport.

Q: You have had a lot of matches in the past few months. Physically how do you feel. R. Nadal: I am fine but I don’t want to talk about my knee. In general I'm fine and I am fine and happy to be through and fighting a lot to be where I am today and I had a tough months and it is tough with matches like today when you are behind and fighting for every ball. This is the mentality …… to fight for the victory and this means a lot for me, especially for me and when I have one (victory) then it is special.


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