babolat new racket

Rafa Nadal New Racket info


Rafa to come back to tennis with a new racket for more spin!

As per Eric Babolat, the owner of the company, "Uncle Toni put pressure on Rafa to change. If you want to be better, you have to take risks,"

More Spin

Apparently the new Babolat will allow Rafa to add more spin (if ever possible!) "He already has a lot of topspin, but he wants more," sais Babolat.

This can be a real nightmare for Rafa's opponents (go ask Roger...!)

Of course... Rafa is a bit a traditionalist to say to uncle Toni "I don't agree with what you're saying, but I'll give it a try,"

A special chip for data

Apparently there is also a plan to put a chip in the racket to collect some data. "It could become a habit, something usual after sport: sitting with your friends to compare each one's technical data," said Babolat... see video below

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