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Video: What we Like About Rafa Nadal


Check out the Video here "Why we like Rafa"

Our cameras are cast inside the Italian Embassy to speak with the party guests Vanity Fair Person of the Year . De Guindos, Siñeriz Ana García, Boris Izaguirre, Nagore Aramburu ... Rafa Nadal and talk about why you think deserves the award.
Ana Garcia Siñeriz: "He's an amazing quality sportsman nobody disputes (...) He is also a person of incredible quality"
Luis de Guindos: "He is a gentleman, a great professional. believe that is an example to us all"
José Ignacio Wert: "I think we are all very pleased, not only on how well behaved in favorable situations, but also on how well you know the difficulties and bring this injury"
Kyril of Bulgaria: "His sportsmanship, humility, dedication ... are an example. truly is a unique and as such deserves this more than"
Genoveva Casanova: "I think there has been a complete success. Rafa is a person who is very admiring of all Spanish people"
Carlos Falco: "He's a character that arouses sympathy and affection of virtually all of the Spanish people. I do not think there's anyone who does not agree with that"
Angel Schlesser: "He belongs to a sport that is not as popular as football and yet it is very popular in the media"
Some Behind The Scenes at the Vanity Fair Award for Personality of The Year!!

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