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Toni Nadal: wisdom teeth removed


Toni Nadal: An infection, after his four wisdom teeth were removed, proved detrimental to his knee's recovery
On Fora de Joc on Monday night, Rafael Nadal's uncle and coach gave us the latest news on his nephew's physical fitness, after two months away from the tennis courts:

"The recovery is going well but it's a bit slow. The problem is that the fat there is there in the knee has hardened and now we have to wait till it softens up. On top of all this, an infection he contracted after he had his four wisdom teeth taken out meant that the treatment wasn't as effective as it has been on other occasions."

On the other hand, he ruled out completely that the injury could lead to the tennis player's retirement and said he hoped this enforced break would help him to recover completely: "This stoppage is not a mental issue. The time off will be good for recuperating and regenerating his whole body. He has played in a great deal of pain since 2005."

Finally, Toni Nadal said that in spite of not being able to compete, his pupil is one of life's fortunate people: "He is fortunate, he plays tennis, things are going well for him financially and in his sport. I feel confident Rafael will be back at the the highest of levels, he's eager to continue and he's not down or sad."



T.Nadal in Canal4: "RafaelNadal 's recuperation goes in a good way but slowly than we expected".
T.Nadal for Canal4: "@RafaelNadal has pulled out wisdom teeth and he suffered a little infection that stopped knee's treatment".
T.Nadal for Canal4 about @RafaelNadal: Isn't easy return at year's end without feelings. We'll arrive at Melbourne with 2 months trained.
T.Nadal for Canal4: "@RafaelNadal has never tried to throw in the towel. He's lucky life, enjoying tennis and also winning".
T.Nadal for Canal4: "I'm sure that next year @RafaelNadal will be again a title's candidate. Isn't important be ranked No.1, 4th or 24th".

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