Nadal Won't Rush Comback, Has Hoffa Syndrome


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According to Rafa Nadal's doctor Angel Ruiz-Cotorro . Rafa's injury is annoying and painful, but not career threatening.

Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, doctor of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) and of Rafa Nadal, has said that the injury suffered by the player "is annoying and painful, but not important."

Cotorro, doctor of the Majorcan since he was 14, explained that Hoffa's Syndrome, the ailment Nadal's suffering, is a "inflammation of fat tissue" behind the patellar tendon and is "part of the tendinitis" suffered by the Spaniard in the past.

"He's doing well. Next week we will carry out some tests and if the result is positive we will continue with the same treatment," said Cotorro. Rafa Nadal is following a rehabilitation process that focuses on "deflating" the swollen tissue of the knee. To do this, assured his doctor, they are "treating the tendon" by means of "fitness physiotherapy work, iontophoresis (electrodes), laser and deep thermotherapy".

In Indian Wells, Nadal began to have problems with the tendinitis in his left leg, which forced him to retire in Miami semifinal against Andy Murray. "During the clay season all evolved well, but after finishing Roland Garros he again had trouble," said Cotorro.

On the chance that the former number one of the world plays the Davis Cup semifinals against the United States from 14 to 16 September, the specialist said they "cannot set a deadline. It's necessary to go day by day, see the reactions and wait for the evolution in the coming weeks." Finally, Angel Ruiz-Cotorro said that such diseases "are not very common."

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