Rafael Nadal watch thief sentenced


 Source: 7sur7.be

The thief who stole Rafa's watch was sentenced today to 6 months in prison. Cristian A. 38, The man harbored some resentment vis-à-vis Richard Mille, he encountered three years in the hotel. The watchmaker would never fulfilled his promise to gift him a watch he said would give him. Moreover, he acknowledged feeling a certain contempt for Nadal, whom he described as unfriendly and never saying "hello".

Court reports say that the thief entered Rafa's hotel room at 10:53 p.m. Then the man returned at 23:25 to steal the watch on the desk. He used his badge to enter the room, which is how he was caught.

Thief: "I wanted to harm them and now I feel bad, I regret what I did. I want to apologize to them,"

Thief: "This watch could have changed my life. I simply wanted to keep it because it would have brought me luck to have Nadal's watch"

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