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Before we get into the final tomorrow, I thought we should do a bit of a rewind to see where Rafa has been in the past.
There are high expectations on both sides, especially from us the fans. Rafael Nadal will be the only person in tennis history at Roland Garros to have 7. Novak Djokovic has more pressure on him to live up to his 2011 standards and to become the first player since 1969 to hold all the Grand Slam titles at the same time. That is what they all are saying but I don't get the big hoopla on that one. If Novak Djokovic had gotten into the Roland Garros finals last year & won then that would have been impressive for me. This is 2012 not 2011. An incredible achievement if Djokovic was to win, but doesn't equate to Laver's Grand Slam in my opinion.

Their H2H is 18-14 for Rafa. Their clay record is 11-2 for Rafa. Their last two meetings Rafa Nadal defeated Novak Djokovic in straight sets. In 2012 their final record is 2-1.
Nadal has a 51-1 win-loss record at Roland Garros and has dropped just 35 games to reach the final here, which is the fewest games he has ever lost en route to a grand slam final.
Statistically the numbers favor Rafa. But we all know that things can always change in a match. And we should never as Rafael Nadal fans underestimate any player on any surface. Even if it is Clay. Most of us no matter how well Rafa is playing and he is playing exceptionally well tend to really frazzle when it comes to Djokovic. Only because of 2011. This is a new year & a new Rafa. He knows what is at stake & Rafa ain't losing!

No other male tennis player except Borg has matched Nadal’s body of work in Paris, and by the time this French Open ends June 10, Nadal has a fine chance to be in a class of his own. 


Check out some of the Roland Garros Final Full Matches 2005-2012 minus the 2009 hiccup! :D Get Ready for tomorrow Rafaholics, conserve your energy I feel like it will be a big one! But check out some of the reasons why Rafa is so good at Roland Garros...

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