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Toni Nadal: Rafael is a normal guy that plays good tennis



Nice interview with Toni Nadal..

The uncle and coach of n. 2 of the tennis world is a person who captivates us with his logic and wisdom. He does not like the spotlight and, therefore, before talking to exclusively at the hotel where he is staying at during the Madrid Open, calls for the photo shoot to be quick to avoid attention.
Let's start the debate: what is your opinion on the blue track in the Madrid Open?
I do not like. In tennis there is a tradition of red clay that is being lost. Also, when you add a synthetic component, conditions change. Some are different because the ball bounces differently.
What about the court conditions?
The ball bounces down and is very difficult to balance. In fact, Rafael has asked to play with grass shoes to grip better. The track is not good and is detrimental to everyone.
The clay courts are in danger?
The tennis specialists on this surface, such as Rafael and almost all the Spaniards, increasingly have left fewer tournaments of Earth to prepare for Roland Garros and above, change us the conditions. Increasingly they have less space. The problem is not with Ion Tiriac, but the ATP, which has enabled the change. Madrid gets away scott free.
Are the players heard?
They were asked and were against, but if you ignore what you can not do is smile gracefully and be happy.
So does it affect height in Madrid?
It is very noticeable. The ball flies and goes. Rafael has had a good feeling in Monte Carlo and Barcelona, ​​and here were lost.
Is a champion born or made?
Like Picasso said, "Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working" Obviously, if you don't have a minimum of conditions it's very difficult to stand out. Now there are many people that has conditions for lots of things but does not work hard enough to get there. 
Because everyone wants the full cup, but often not interested in the effort that needs to be done to achieve that success.
Do you see yourself coaching  another player?
Before Rafael coached other kids a good level in small categories. I do not know if I am with other players. For me my passion is training, not so much accompany an elite tennis player.
And to see him with another coach?
Yes, in fact, when I do not travel, he goes with Francis Roig and is equally at ease or more than me.
What can you teach a player Top?
In life, everything can be improved. When you're with a player like Rafael, with 25 years, more and more difficult step because we have more time closer to our limits. It is not so much a matter of teaching, but to order the game, training, discipline ... Obviously, the work of a professional is quite done when you reach the top.
Has adding the three grams to the racket head, noticed any difference?
Yes, from the beginning. Has enabled him to hit the ball with greater speed.
Has leaving the Players Council allowed Rafa to be more calm and centered?
Yes. Long ago I told him that not to mess in politics. The problem is that the players are in the circuit 10 or 12 years and then they forget. The changes proposed Rafael were not to promote him, but for future generations, because they were changes to within a few years. He has tried. People are reluctant to change.
What about the tennis?
he game is more rapid and children increasingly have more serious injuries. Reduce the calendar and the biannual ranking would be important for this improved, but the players who are above do not want to change. Rafael tried to put his two cents, but could not be.
Does this matter deteriorated his relationship with Roger Federer?
No, no. By all means, It would be missing more that they had to have the same view of the sport! Federer had his personal reasons for not interest these changes. What is not a reality is that Del Potro is injured and becomes the #700 of the world. It is not his true position.
¿Has Novak Djokovic reverted this year to be human?
He has always been a great player, but maintaining the level of last year's run would be incredible.
Does the victory on Nole, Rafa in Monte Carlo came better psychologically or play?
In everything. His game became more aggressive and gave result. It has also gained in confidence. Took a weight off. 
How do you prepare for matches?
I'm pretty normal. Before hitting the track, we talked a ratillo (No idea what this word means). Rafael has spent many years on the circuit and he does not a matter of repeating itself. Once stretches a little more conversation, but nothing more. It is matter of refining only a few issues. I'm not the only sport leikmotiv of life. I like the sport in a romantic sense, such as improvement and reach some goals.
Do you realize how big Rafa is?
Rafael is a normal guy who plays pretty good tennis. What happens is that there are people who believe that it is something exceptional. In life there are few exceptional things. What has been achieved is not easy and there it is, but nothing more. Everytime we jumped the track there are the same fears and the same doubts if things go well or poorly.
Is the best player on the clay?
He is one of the two best in this area without discussion, along with Bjorn Borg. No one can dispute that.
And of the best players in history?
Actually the truth is I do not know if he is within the top ten. Maybe yes, but I get names like Laver, Borg, Lendl, Sampras, Federer, Conors, McEnroe ...
Rafa always says he's not manic ...
Man! He will tell you what you want, but I I am zero obsessive you say it is. At first I didn't mind, but a player who puts bottles and not step lines is obsessive. Once he told me about a movie As Good as it gets "How superstitious the main character was!". And I said, "He's like you." And he replied: "No, no." When you do senseless things over and over, you're superstitious. He has told me before he can stop doing them and I have told him to do it. I like things that are logical. It does not affect his game, but if he needed those things to play well, it would be bad.
During matches, when does he suffer more?
Always when is the victory is near. If you're losing, you accept defeat as normal, but if you're winning, it is more difficult.
Why are games so special?
They are special for according to what sports. For example, for footballers it is not the most important thing. For the players now it is over. Defend your country is a pride and satisfaction. I was not in Beijing and by what told me Rafael, was an unforgettable experience share many moments with other athletes. Much of the success of his gold he is it attributed to the support of the rest of sportsmen.
How was Toni Nadal as a player?
Pretty bad. Second level. It was tough. My best shot was the one-handed backhand. Now you hit more with the two because children begin very soon and have no strength to hit only one hand.
Is it better as a tennis coach?
I guess a little better. It is not difficult.
What does Toni do when away from tennis?
First of all, being with my children. When I'm in tournaments, walking cities, lost in a museum ... I also play golf, I like soccer, reading ... I studied a few years of history in college and I am very interested.
How is the crisis?
Let us start from the basis that money winnings are Rafael's, not mine. The situation is worrying because I do not share any measure taken on the suffering of a part of the large population. The main problem is unemployment. There has to be a change in capitalism. You can not go against globalization, but wealth can not be in so few hands.

What is the solution?
I have none, but there should not be much difference between people. It should be more empowering the small businessman who is which can create employment. What I do see is that politicians do not have a plan.
- A great chess fans ...
- The last book you read ... Anatomy of an instant, Javier Fences on the coup.
- Of movie ... I like it very much because I have small children. I like the old because they have better dialogue than today. For example, Welcome Mr. Marshall, with the North by Northwest, The Last Tango in Paris, Once Upon a Time in America ...
- The music I listen ... Smooth as Frank Sinatra and French song.
- The clothes you prefer ... The one I get. I feel more comfortable in sport, but every time I can go like this because not my type, nor my age, I may.
- Favorite food ...I am not exquisite. He would not go to eat at any site just for the food. I prefer that the place is nice or a good company.
- Use social networks ... No, I communicate with smoke signals (laughs).

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