IBI12 presser

Rome: Press Conference Transcript


Nadal Press Conference

Rome, Italy

Wednesday, 16 May, 2012

An interview with:
Rafael Nadal
Q: What can you tell us about tonight and tomorrow. After you lost to Verdasco, do you think you will have to be careful with Granollers?
NADAL: You have to be careful when you win and when you lose and with anyone you are playing. I will resect my opponent and when you play a Master 1000. Marcel is one of my best friends on tour – it is a great victory for him and . Today it was an important first set and I played aggressive and I made a mistake in the 1st set and then I felt good in the forehand. It is difficult to play against Mayer because he has without rhythm and he knows how to put you in a difficult position in the game but I didn't suffer I think.
Q: Congratulations on tonight. Next stop Granollers. I think you have only played him once before, How well do you think you know his game?NADAL: We know each other very well – even if he is from Barcelona and I am in Majorca. . We played often before and we were together in the under 12, the under 14 and the under 16 and we were in the world championships together and my best Tomas Alvar (?) also from Majorca, we were always together when we were kids and we know each other. It will be a tough match
Q: Yesterday could have been a difficult match. Today you seemed to be comfortable from the first point. What were you pleased with? NADAL: To play against Florian – he plays not usual shots and he does things like a slice forehand and drop short and defends well low balls and goes to the net well but I felt well especially in the first set and if I had played well the first set then the match . it would have been easier  but the important thing is that I didn't suffer ……….inaudible  and I made a mistake but for the rest, it was important that I didn't suffer and I felt comfortable and playing inside the court I was playing very well.
Q: What think about Mourihno?
NADAL: We are not talking about this. This is a tennis tournament. I think he is a winner and he has great personality and I met him and I think he brings to Real Madrid a competitive spirit and so I feel happy to know him and I think he is strong and probably has a different face from what he shows to everyone.

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